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  1. I am graduating from PA school is two months and looking to work in CT. What has been people's experience in the time gap between taking PANCE and being able to practice? How long does it take for the licensing credentials to come through in Connecticut? THANKS!!
  2. ASkagg, don't give up hope yet!! There are two people in our first year class that were invited to come to to GW from the waitlist the week before classes started! Anything can happen :) Also on financial aid: Has Erin M. set up the wiki page yet? If not, watch for that email. That's where all the details will come on how to apply and for how much. I know it sounds crazy but don't worry about the money! You will definitely get enough to cover school + all living expenses. GW will tell you how much to apply for. That being said, do some research to see if govt loans are the best option for you. Personally, I am doing the Stafford govt loans and supplementing with a student loan through my bank because the interest rates and initiation fees were quite a bit lower than the Grad Plus loan.
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