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  1. I'm not sure, you can call the PA office and they should be able to tell you. They were always very open when I called.
  2. Just received a phone call from PA Quillin inviting me to this year's class! YAY!!! So very thankful for the opportunity to begin this journey!
  3. Found out that approximately 10 alternates have been invited. Most have accepted their invitation to the program. They plan/hope to have the class finalized by mid March.
  4. I know... May? I will have already submitted next year's application by then! Ha, we will see though. I wonder if any other alternate list candidates have received phone calls/emails...?
  5. Congrats texas76!! There is still hope! YAY! Finally some movement from the alternate list..
  6. I only had 200 hours at the hospital where I volunteered (I volunteered in the NICU as a "cuddler" and got to hold all the little preemie babies -- I loved it!). Most of my other HCE came from my job as an ER scribe, which I'm sure you know doesn't count as hands-on experience. It's definitely not easy to achieve unless you have some sort of certification (EMT, RN, CNA, MA, etc). I think this new requirement will definitely be a game changer for next year, and will cut down significantly on the number of qualified applicants. Just my two cents.
  7. Yikes, that's a lot of alternates. I'm guessing if there are 45 seats, and 50 alternates then probably about 10-15 people received rejection letters. Because I think about 105 or so interviewed. (Rough estimates, not exact numbers, I don't know for sure)
  8. Ah, probably so elizabethl! I am assuming 45 or somewhere around there. I know a few people were accepted early and committed to the program already, so maybe a few less than 45? I'm not sure...
  9. What day did you guys interview? I was there at the December 13th interview. I was in the first group (that interviewed first). Just wondering if we've met already :)
  10. Great! Thanks for sharing! That makes being on the waitlist a little less stressful knowing the program starts later. I was thinking it would be very rough to find out in Feb/March about getting in and then starting just 3 months later.
  11. Just received my official email from PA Quillin about being on the waitlist. She noted that in recent years as many as 13 people have been accepted off the waitlist.
  12. Forensikchic, did you hear they may be sending out more info this week? I am so anxious to know anything at this point. I still haven't received any type of formal information, except when I contacted the lady in the office who told me I was an alternate candidate.
  13. Congrats Sahar15! When did you hear? And how did they contact you? Email, phone?
  14. Yeah, those that need to file FAFSA's and get their finances in order would definitely need to know sooner than later. Well, please share if you hear anything! and vice versa of course :)
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