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  1. Yah I heard that we won't hear anything from them until after the January deadline :( Someone else started another forum with more replies!
  2. Hey sorry for replying super late! But yes I found someone in the IE but not in the OC or LA...
  3. I surely hope not because I will be submitting mine within the next couple of days LOL Keep hope alive!
  4. Hello! I am trying to sign up for the information session on September 16th AT 10AM but PA program is not listed to select on dropdown menu. What the heck!? Anyone know how I can complete this form?
  5. Hello there! I submitted in June but didn't hear back for 3 weeks then called, someone said I should be getting a confirmation email soon. Didn't hear anything after another week so I called again and I guess there's some system error. So I had to contact IT and they helped me set up the portal to pay for the secondary. I think I submitted the payment on July 5th. Heads up to anyone else, if you don't hear back after 2 weeks max of submitting your CASPA, follow up, it may be something on their end. Good luck to everyone :)
  6. Hello everyone! Based on the website, https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/csom/physician-assistant-program it says that the application will open tomorrow July 1st! I'm planning to submit ASAP...Good luck to everyone :)
  7. Hello!! How long did it take for them to send you an email? I just submitted over the weekend :)
  8. Hi Brianna! **Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and I am by no means a "Professional Personal Statement Reader"** haha I thought I'd share some improvements you may benefit from! Anyway, I do like your statement and where it goes! You have some great information in here and I think you are on the right track. Below are some pros, cons and possibly some things to think about adjusting. Pros: 1. Great information about childhood and how you have grown to learn about other health professions 2. Pivotal point on how you were introduced into the medical field (after this med
  9. Hello! I'm looking for a current or future opening to shadow a PA in the IE, OC or LA! If anyone can help me, please let me know!! Thank you in advance :)
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