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  1. Can those that were accepted share some of their grades, experiences, hours of shadowing, etc? I'm not even close to being done with my BS degree but trying to do what it takes now to get accepted later down the road. I do not have a healthcare license or do I carry hours of experience so I'm afraid thus will disqualify me. Anyone here that DIDN'T have healthcare patient contact hours? I hope there are a few that can atleast let me know. I'm so afraid I won't get in because of that :(
  2. If you don't mind...could you tell me what you believe helped or assisted you in them selecting you vs why your friends weren't selected? I am really believing it's all about the interview and who you are deep inside. I'm sure everyone has their own reasons for wanting to become a PA but I think there are certain types of people that fit the role to the T and some that don't.
  3. Thank you so much. I do appreciate the time and extra helpful information provided. Best of luck to you and everyone else that is waiting :)
  4. Ok this is kinda random or maybe I'm posting in the wrong place but could anyone share their overall GPA and test score? I would love to see what makes a competitive canidate. I'm applying next year :) I'm sure this is perfectly OK to discuss on here :D Also does anyone know if for the November 2016 application, are they looking for the highly recommended courses? I only have the required courses under my belt :/ nobody at the school will tell me. I've tried calling so many times and sending emails. No response yet.
  5. I hope so...I am only really interested in Barry cause I hear such great things about going there. I will look into the CNA :D
  6. Thanks for replying back so promptly. I guess this sucks for me. I do have a 3.7 GPA, getting my BS in healthcare administration and have worked in the medical field for over 10 years. I wonder if they count my dermatology experience a factor since I helped in surgical procedures, and putting patients in treatment rooms and acne procedures. Ugh!!! this is so frustrating. I better go do something else then LOL. Thanks so much for the info. Anybody else out there that did not have 1,000 contact hours but still got an interview?
  7. Quick question..because i need to make sure before i start my BS degree Do you all have atleast 1000 contact hours in the medical field? They told me in the office that they only really consider those with actual patient hands on contact (no medical clerical....that doesn't count) This sucks for me because I have pretty much worked in the hospital in the administration area for many years :( Please tell me there is a light of hope :,(
  8. Has anyone used the express bus from Broward county to get to MDC? Please share your experience and how about the late evening schedule? I know MDC list the hours from 8am-9pm.... I'm sure being on a bus and laying back beats driving in horrendous traffic :)
  9. Cleveland Clinic in Weston has opportunities. :)
  10. I am wondering the same exact thing. I know the college advisor lady I spoke with gives you a paper with the subjects that need to be studied and also the study guides recommended. Please keep me posted as I am also curious to know how it turns out for you and your experience. :)
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