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  1. I'm running on little sleep. Sorry if this post is hard to understand. I get my BS this May. I plan on going on a break from school, taking the GRE, working for 2 years to get HCE, and then applying to PA school. I've already take most of the typical pre-requirement courses for PA school (bio, orgo, A&P, etc), my GPA is good, and shadowing can come later, so now I'm focused on choosing a HCE job that I can take up after I graduate in a few months. First I was going to get EMT certified until I read stories online about how that that job market was saturated in some areas. I searched online and couldn't find much in my area at all, but maybe it's because of the time of the year or I'm just not looking in the right place? Then I looked into CNA. I read everything from CNA work is good HCE, to CNA is grunt work and doesn't really count as real HCE. Honestly, I don't care which HCE as long as it's appropriate for PA school and there's at least some job demand so I can pay rent, even if it's only steady part-time work that I make up with a second non-HCE job. Any advice/insight from someone who's been there would be greatly appreciated.
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