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  1. Joelseff, Thanks a ton. Should consider more programs next time.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. But to prove about my English - currently I am an Instructor for Anatomy and Physiology and I have completed my English with good grade. At least if had got an interview it would be nice
  3. From 3yrs as medical assistant and from 6 months as instructor to LVN for anatomy n physiology
  4. I got my rejection letter..don't know what to do? I am a foreign physician, 14000 + hrs of DPC, 3.48 science GPA and over all 3.3 my only thing was during application I was doing Eng 1A but now I have cleared with A grade .... I don't understand what is the reason for rejection. Last year I did not fulfill all the prerequisite 3 was lft since I had to go thro emergency C Section...after all the struggle dint even get an interview this time....very disappointing
  5. I spoke to Leo today, he said interview invites are still going out.....let's hope for the best.
  6. I'am right in Bay Area....30 min away from Stanford, no mail yet....would people with interview invite get first and rejections later?
  7. Are there any applicants or current students with foreign medical degree background....pls let me know.
  8. Wanabepa, did you get any letter from them.....just curious
  9. Can anyone tell me, if they send us invite for interview how will they do it...is it thro phone call or email or postal mail??
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