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  1. I am being told that they are still reviewing applications for Spring 2018 class ?? Anyone else has any anything to share on that
  2. I interviewed on 20th Jan and like everyone have not heard anything so far. I did talk to admission office and I am being told that they are doing 2 more rounds of an interviews in feb and they will be taking a decision once they are done.
  3. Anyone coming for an interview on 20th Jan , 2017 from New York City ??
  4. Thanks for your kind words , I really appreciate your feedback.
  5. Do you think getting an interview date for Jan 20 , 2017 might lowers down chances of acceptance in program as they do rolling admission. Pl advice.
  6. Anyone going for an interview on 15th Dec 2016 ??
  7. Each school have their own strength and I never mentioned that other schools are not good or below the quality line. Schools invite to know more about the candidates when they see potential and candidates apply/interview when they see their goals are aligned with the program goals. Pay attention to your words ( low quality or whatnot ) and passing personal opinions about others ( when you don't under stand something , don't jump to conclusions ). End of the conversation...thanks and good luck.
  8. I did not say program is biased in the first place ( that is in someone else post ). And for you info, Ivy League schools don't equate to big city schools but it certainly equate to quality for sure. People have the right to express their opinions but your reaction " Why you applied ...you are quick in bad mouthing " is certainly not appreciable and can offend many people.
  9. People share what they observe. Stop ABUSING and ACCUSING other people. Nursing might not have taught you manners but I hope PA school can. Good Luck
  10. I have 3.6 science GPA and 3000 hrs of patient care experience . Their main concern is type and total no of patient care hrs. Their interview process including essay writing is way over hyped than the program they are representing. I have attended Ivy League school interview , even they don't act like the way heritage acted - my observation not a personal opinion.Not a single person on committee spoke about their participation in AAPA except in local Washington chapter even thou they write about advancement of PA profession in their university goals.
  11. Can you share your stats esp your type medical experience and hours
  12. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us during the Selection Conference for the Physician Assistant Educational Program at Heritage University. The Selection Committee appreciated learning more about your skills and accomplishments. They realize all of the effort you put into completing the application process and the time spent to prepare and interview with us. As you know, applying to Physician Assistant Programs is highly competitive and out of the hundreds of applications we received, only a selected few were interviewed. Unfortunately, we felt others were a better fit for our program at this time. If you have concerns that your academic history/GPA may have kept you from being selected, Heritage University offers a pre-health professions program that may help you prove your academic abilities, the Master of Arts in Medical Sciences program (MAMS). A high percentage of students from this program have successfully gone on to the medical school, school of dentistry, and physician assistant program of their choice after completion. Due to the high volume of applications, we will not be able to provide individual feedback at this time but we wish you good luck in attaining your goal of becoming a physician assistant. Thank you once again for your interest. The CASPA application cycle will open again in April to re-apply. Please refer to our webpage for further details.
  13. Rejection email and I appreciate their timely feedback.
  14. Does anybody remember what exactly monica said on communicating results to candidates interviewed on 5th Nov.
  15. thanks , do you think this is the second round of interviews or maybe third one ??