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  1. Okay, thanks for all the help. I'll see what they come back with. It looks like if I get the desired salary 129-132yr(first 2), 5/k a year loans and the 10k bonus, I will be sitting at about 140/yr for the first 2 years. With a 24month contract, I can renegotiate at that point. I'm thinking for job out of the Army, this should be reasonable and fairly close to the 150k most are recommending. With the potential of 980/shift over 13, I should be able to hit that 150 mark in a year
  2. Are you familiar with Alaska? The location is actually about an hour or 2 from there, but use anchorage because it's such a large state. Pop around 10-20k in the area, but the hospital is in anchorage. It's an outreach UC
  3. Ya, Seattle real estate is definitely more. Also has high property tax, luxury tax etc... food, gas and utilities is higher here though. Online COL calculator states 5% less here, but I don't know how accurate it is
  4. I agree, solo provider coverage. I think the first year-2 years it will be low census until the reputation is out and people know about the clinic. Real nice, modern brand new clinic. I think COL is about on par with seattle,wa. Less for real estate. No state income tax. Job seems like what I do now with more time off and no deployments and out of town/field training. Thanks for the help
  5. Looking for some advice on first PA job outside Army. I will be transferring the the national guard to finish my 20yrs as well Urgent Care job in Alaska, 13 12hr shift a month. New rural hospital affiliated clinic. I will be doing phleb, labs, helping with xray, hanging my own IVs, drawing/mixing and giving meds etc... We will have an xray tech and 2 MAs, no nursing staff (just like Army) Base: 118,000/yr with an additional 970/shift over the 13/month. 119,800 after first year. Bonus: 10k signing bonus Loan: 5k/yr repayment Med: basic covered, 100/pay period for premium blue cross.
  6. There is currently a PJ in AK with me that is also a PA. It is doable but hard. Typically need to by a PJ first to make it feasible. You will be gone for almost 3 years and be away from medicine. Remember, medicine is like 1/20th of their required skill set. To be honest, they arent that great of medics because they have so much additional skill identifies (static line airborne, freefall, SCUBA, mountaineering, air force flight crew, SAR, combat operations, NASA operations and the list keeps going) that their time is spent equally among all maintaining proficiency. You only have so much time,
  7. There were a couple UC jobs at Maui. Heard pay in Hawaii is not up to par with COL though...
  8. Look at Tanana Valley native as wells at the military installations. There is actually and opening right now at Fort Wainright Army base for orthopedic surgery. Is your spouse military or just moving there for fun?
  9. I hope this whole thread was a joke..... You need to go back to school or do some reading if not. Im guessing you are just trolling though. Im not going to feed the troll. HSV isnt a super penetrating acid/virus hybrid compound haha
  10. As lame as it sounds, you need to show confidence and not let that happen. Someone will get hurt. You need to put them in their spot. Its part of your job as a PA. You and the doc are responsible and in charge. If you need a straight cath and it doesnt happen, that child may be hurt. If you have a problem, talk to the medical director. You fall under the medicine side, not the nursing. Let the directors duke it out. Nursing is protected by an extremely strong union and you dont need to get involved. If a nurse is doing things such as digital blocks, that criminal. Same thing as you performing
  11. Also, check out TOD on GKO. They list vacancies worldwide. There is almost always an SOF unit looking for a temp PA for 300+ day tour. They are great spots all over the world. Most of them require a few years as a PA. What year did you graduate?
  12. Thats great! Sounds like a good position to have. You will be working with some high speed individuals. Additionally, its one of the only airborne NG units in the US Im not in the NG anymore. I was only NG while i went through undergrad at Boise State. Ive been active duty for some time now. When I finish up here, Ill be going NG again. And if you do get the 19th slot, the whole promotion scheme is different. If you are in the GSB its the same, but if you are direct support for ODAs, different promotion scheme.
  13. Unless you are with 19th (I see you are in Utah), JSOMOC/SOCM would be real hard to get as a NG PA. TCMC just changed last fiscal year. They now only accept PAs who are on schedule to deploy. When I attended, that was the case. Their budget has been cut tremendously. If you know much about the course (dont really want to go in detail online) you know how expensive that course is. AMPA shouldnt be a problem, but the guard might require you to be in an aviation unit or be in a TO&E directly supported by aviation. You and I are flip flopped. I did NG first, AD second after PA school. I was wi
  14. Ya NG usually only have a couple per state. CST(WMD), AMPA, and sometimes MEDCOM commanders. Its also a lot of who you know. AGR is a coveted job with great benies and easy work schedule. CST teams are also non-deploying, non-drilling assets.
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