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  1. Okay, thanks for all the help. I'll see what they come back with. It looks like if I get the desired salary 129-132yr(first 2), 5/k a year loans and the 10k bonus, I will be sitting at about 140/yr for the first 2 years. With a 24month contract, I can renegotiate at that point. I'm thinking for job out of the Army, this should be reasonable and fairly close to the 150k most are recommending. With the potential of 980/shift over 13, I should be able to hit that 150 mark in a year
  2. Are you familiar with Alaska? The location is actually about an hour or 2 from there, but use anchorage because it's such a large state. Pop around 10-20k in the area, but the hospital is in anchorage. It's an outreach UC
  3. Ya, Seattle real estate is definitely more. Also has high property tax, luxury tax etc... food, gas and utilities is higher here though. Online COL calculator states 5% less here, but I don't know how accurate it is
  4. I agree, solo provider coverage. I think the first year-2 years it will be low census until the reputation is out and people know about the clinic. Real nice, modern brand new clinic. I think COL is about on par with seattle,wa. Less for real estate. No state income tax. Job seems like what I do now with more time off and no deployments and out of town/field training. Thanks for the help
  5. Looking for some advice on first PA job outside Army. I will be transferring the the national guard to finish my 20yrs as well Urgent Care job in Alaska, 13 12hr shift a month. New rural hospital affiliated clinic. I will be doing phleb, labs, helping with xray, hanging my own IVs, drawing/mixing and giving meds etc... We will have an xray tech and 2 MAs, no nursing staff (just like Army) Base: 118,000/yr with an additional 970/shift over the 13/month. 119,800 after first year. Bonus: 10k signing bonus Loan: 5k/yr repayment Med: basic covered, 100/pay period for premium blue cross. No hospital related fees (labs, xray, hospital stay) 401k match up to 3% MalP/tail: Covered Contract Length: 36months CME: 3500, 5 days Professional: 1500 PTO: 120 hours My rebuttal: Im asking for 129,000/yr with 1-2% increase after first year performance eval. Contract length 24/months. My reason will be this will allow myself and the hospital to objectively discuss the performance of the new UC. This is a hospital affiliated UC. Also, because of all the extra duties and location, I feel this job should fall in the upper 75th percentile of the AAPA salary report. Remember, this is AK and COL is HIGH. Does this all seem reasonable? Thanks for the help!
  6. There is currently a PJ in AK with me that is also a PA. It is doable but hard. Typically need to by a PJ first to make it feasible. You will be gone for almost 3 years and be away from medicine. Remember, medicine is like 1/20th of their required skill set. To be honest, they arent that great of medics because they have so much additional skill identifies (static line airborne, freefall, SCUBA, mountaineering, air force flight crew, SAR, combat operations, NASA operations and the list keeps going) that their time is spent equally among all maintaining proficiency. You only have so much time, especially in the NG...
  7. There were a couple UC jobs at Maui. Heard pay in Hawaii is not up to par with COL though...
  8. Look at Tanana Valley native as wells at the military installations. There is actually and opening right now at Fort Wainright Army base for orthopedic surgery. Is your spouse military or just moving there for fun?
  9. As one has already put out, no out of pocket expense. I may be able to go to medical school "not costing any money". I too was a grunt(19D) before I was a PA. And currently, I am a paratrooper deployed once again over seas for close to a year. I havent celebrated a birthday in 3 years. Missed my wife's birthday twice. Missed multiple Christmases and I forgot what thanksgiving is. You arent the only special one to "miss your 21st birthday" and you definitely arent the last. There are probably hundreds on this forum alone. The GI bill is not your right, its an incentive. The federal government can pull it anytime. Dont forget that. Webster's Dictionary free adjective \ˈfrē\ : not costing any money
  10. Ya PAs will never be fully independent, nor do I expect us to be. It is not our role. I dont mind the title. I chose to be a PA, not HAD to be. For me, it was the quickest way to action. Id still be in residency at this point. But like stated before. Your scope of practice and capabilities is limitless. That is the biggest point as a MD/DO
  11. Typically all medical students get at least a small scholarship. There are thousands of private donors that supply funds for medical students. The post 911 GI will cover roughly 90% of the cost though
  12. Ya its hard to get a good grasp because of the conflicting opinions... Remember though, if you are making 200K in FP, you are probably a partner or owner. Lots of overhead with that. Think at least 20K malprac and other associated partner fees up to a total out of pocket expense of 30K. You can pull in 120+K in FP if you work as hard as the owners and they may offer a partnership. Most NG FP that ive worked with make roughly 180ish. You could stay in the air guard. The bonus I believe is about 20K still (id have to do some research). That could be a nice supplement and could still get a deployment.. As for a deployment, doesnt the AF still have 90 day boots on ground deployments? YOu should definitely pick up one of those. Also, the imminent danger pay, combat pay, family separation pay and tax free pay is great.
  13. Thanks again everyone. The higher rank you get in the Army, the more bureaucracy and less clinical time you get. I have maybe one more duty assignment before I get sucked out of the clinic. I would rather go out to the guard and finish up 20 there while working civilian. Also, the year long deployments every couple years with JRTC, NTC and all required training throw in during the transition time really sucks. As for the Army Baylor DHsc in Emed program, I wont do that. Essentially you are doing half of the Emed Physician residency and receiving a Phd at the end. The education would be great, but in the end, you are still a PA. Not really increasing scope of practice. You might as well go to med school instead. Its also a 2 for 1 trade i believe, so one would owe and additional 3 yrs. A colleague physician friend is an instructor at BAMC for the program. There is a 6 month program done through BAMC/SAMC in Emed that might be worth it. Its a TDY course, so no increase TIS. USUHS is not that great of an idea. Like someone else mentioned, its a large service commitment. Its a military school, so you must conform to the AR 670 and every other regulation out there. It doesn't count towards retirement either. HPSP is a better option Maverick, sounds like we are in the same predicament. I keep hearing about all the cons of being a physician, but find it hard to believe that PAs dont suffer from the same problems. When I was in school, PAs and Emed Docs had the same schedule, alternated charts and saw the same patient load. What makes being a Doc more stress full than a PA? It is true that reimbursement is becoming better for PAs, but in the end, I doubt PA pay will change that much. Maybe adjust for COLA, but never 1:1 match. I like your idea of working a year and then applying. Especially if I can get a job in rural Alaska working 2weeks on 2 weeks off. Ill probably look into this when Im done with the current deployment. It might enlighten me. As for residencies, 70% match is outstanding and 59% is pretty good. Internal medicine is not a bad option either. It leaves one open to fellowships down the road. All in all, I still firmly believe that the PA profession is one, if not the best, career in the world. I feel working in Emed is about the only time being a physician is worthwhile. You have no ceiling for capabilities and have the option of incorporating new procedures and publishing case studies with no barriers. Also, you never have someone hovering over you critiquing your work. You are consider a subject matter expert. Also, 120K/yr vs 300K/yr for basically the same work and responsibility. You could have the option of working part time and still make more. This would allow more time for academics, research and volunteering. Fam/peds/gen internal has no benefit in my mind. PA is a much better route. Your scope is equivalent and pay is as well.180k vs 100k without any overhead. Surg and Sub-Spec it just way too much schooling, too much call and too many hours a week. Also, too much liability.
  14. I would really only want ER med or anesthesiology. I'm pretty sure I could match into one of those. Historically, they are about mid pack for competitveness. Above internal med but below gen surg/rad
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