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  1. From what I know, they have completed their interviews for this application cycle and will send out decisions this week. They interviewed 120 people for 50 seats.
  2. Here is the address - 1201 W University Drive, Edinburgh, TX 78539-2999.
  3. Me neither. I called multiple times in the last two weeks and left voice mails but no one responded back. I called again yesterday and someone finally answered and took my verbal confirmation on the phone. I recommend you all do that.
  4. Just got an email inviting me for an interview on the 12th of January
  5. Did any 1 get accepted anywhere else? I got accepted to a program in Boston but since I am from Houston, I would love to go to a school in Texas.
  6. Hi guys! I have created a fb page for the lucky ones who got accepted to MCPHS this application cycle. Feel free to join. https://www.facebook.com/MCPHSPA2019
  7. Hi Tennisgal255, Your chances look pretty good. I am pretty sure you will be accepted but what is strange is why would they call you so late in the cycle? The have been interviewing since October. The earlier you interview, the better chance you have to get accepted because MCPHS does rolling admissions. Anyways, all the best. Thanks!
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