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  1. I just gave up my seat. This will open a spot for 1 lucky person on the wait list. All the best.
  2. From what I know, they have completed their interviews for this application cycle and will send out decisions this week. They interviewed 120 people for 50 seats.
  3. Here is the address - 1201 W University Drive, Edinburgh, TX 78539-2999.
  4. Me neither. I called multiple times in the last two weeks and left voice mails but no one responded back. I called again yesterday and someone finally answered and took my verbal confirmation on the phone. I recommend you all do that.
  5. Just got an email inviting me for an interview on the 12th of January
  6. Did any 1 get accepted anywhere else? I got accepted to a program in Boston but since I am from Houston, I would love to go to a school in Texas.
  7. I got wait listed too but got accepted to a program in Boston. I would to go here so staying hopeful.
  8. I received an email notification that a decision has been made and a letter will be mailed to me more than a week after I got my acceptance letter.
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