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  1. @quietmedic All of that definitely hits the nail on the head ????
  2. Thank you so much for that solid input! I will surely be implementing the things you have mentioned. Do you know if hospital settings are usually interviewing a big pool of applicants for the open position? And is salary something thats discussed during an interview or only if an offer is being made?
  3. Hey everyone. Im a recent grad and i have 2 interviews in NYC hospitals next week. one for internal med and one for gen surg. Is there any way i should prepare for these interviews? what kind of questions can I expect to get asked? Should I expect to answer any clinical scenario questions? If I get offered a position am i obligated to give them an answer right away before scoping out all of my potential options? Im really worried about becoming overwhelmed and turning into a scared little clam instead of presenting the vibe of the fierce PA-C I am! :) Would be nice to have a clue of what to expect. Any help or input would be appreciated.
  4. Undergrad Ed School: Touro Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.51 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.66 Age at application time : 25 1st GRE: 2nd GRE: (if applicable) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Surgical Assistant 560 hours Medical Assistant 3800 hours PT Aid Volunteer 72 hours Shadowing surgery PA 120 hours Community Service After school program for kids 250 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: Schools Applied: Touro Winthrop, Touro Bayshore, CCNY Sophie Davis, Downstate, Mercy College, St Johns Application Submitted Date: 10/29/2015 Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) 11/02/2015 Interview Invites: Touro Winthrop (so far) Denied: none so far Withdrew Application: none so far Waitlisted: none so far Accepted: Touro Winthrop I will be attending Touro Winthrop in Jan 2016! I picked this school because of the early start date and it was the first place I heard back from and interviewed at. I am a candidate who received a bunch of F's D's and C's in my early college years when I didn't even know what a PA was. I had to work double as hard and take a lot of extra classes, retake a lot of classes and so on to ensure that I got all A's to raise my gpa the way I did and show consistency in my academia. I also knew I had to further stand out with health care hours, shadowing and volunteer work. I am proof that if u want it bad enough you will work hard enough and you will get in!
  5. First was a presentation by the program director John Rongo outlining the goals of the program, talking about the program, the profession, etc. Then a short quiz about the PA profession. Then an interview by 2 PA's followed by a writing portion of a short essay
  6. Hi all, I interviewed this past monday. Im wondering if its too late to send a thank you note. I interviewed with 2 people who were both Pas that attended the program. Today is Friday -_-
  7. Agreed! Thanks for the boost. I would love to bombard Ms christie with more questions but at this point she already knows my name.
  8. To submit in april with 100 credits and caspa overall 3.47 science 3.65 or wait until june-july when il have my bachelors and a 3.57 overall and 3.75 science? (Gd willing i pull those As)
  9. Also i would definetly take out the part in the second paragraph were ur kinda dissing the physician....
  10. It didnt keep me involved... Sounded a too dramatic and less professional like a story for a creative writing class vs a ps. I would say to cut out the little details and cut down the stories such as the first paragraph to a direct few sentences and focus also on why u have the qualities to succeed as a PA, such as dealing with your sick relatives led u to acquire strength in the areas such as empathy and patience for people in need...Completing a heavy course load and doing research simultaneously proved that you can handle the rigors and demands of PA school... Ect... Focus more on you and the career and your qualities to succeed, lead, work as a team, etc rather than the colorful stories
  11. I doubt its everyone... Maybe just people who met the bare minimums of the 3.0.... Maybe better..., wel never know lol
  12. I got that email too, and i submitted real late like 2 weeks ago. So i got it pretty much right away after submitting. I guess its strange if u submitted a while ago and haven't gotten it yet.
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