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  1. Its not always the GPA. Its the personality too. I have seen students who come to an interview feeling entitled for a slot, and their attitude is what does them in. Being humble is a QUALITY that is an absolute must in this profession as you are a server to people who come to you with hope and are in distress. I know of one student who said she has done a lot of research, but unfortunately she had been in the lab for a long time to realize that she is not dealing with lab animals but human beings. If i can help to look at the application and her essays maybe it can be rectified unless its beyond repair. Regarding HCE hours, its not the number but what you have been doing, you could just be hanging out in the office or doing files or the PA or MD know you,,,,,,,
  2. My suggestion is to wait the year out and rack up HCE hours which could be voluntary work at a Free Clinic or Hospital / Hospice. New schools are starting all around the country due to the projections of Primary Care shortage. Its best to reach out / research the schools you wish to apply to for their requirements. As regards reapplying i don't think its a stigma, many a times it just strengthens your application . The final decision is always yours to make but make it an informed one , rather than rushing into a situation you did not want to be in. PA schools are getting more competitive.
  3. The Published qualifications are a screening tool to make a cut off. A number of factors play a role in the final selection of any candidate for PA school, personality, real experience and not shadowing or observership or millions of hce hours which do not show that you actually worked. The initial essay plays a part because that's your story. All your experiences count and matter. Then its the interview where you have to excel. In any case Passion is a must rather than u want to do it as the job market is good. If i can answer any questions please feel free to ask.
  4. Till now i have gotten 2 responses. pm me with your email so we can start something for now.
  5. Well. I was on rotation in peds. Saw this chubby kid who was like 150 lbs. While weighing him I asked him what he likes to eat. He was honest and said pizza and cinna stix. We walked back to the room where mom was on the phone typing. I asked her what the kids diet is like, her answer was vegetables mostly. Kid says a naah, we eat pizza. Mom asks him to shut up as he's stupid. Kid gets angry and says don't call me stupid, I am gonna tell dad about jack. I just froze there, I did not know how to react. As mom gets jack home, orders pizza and cinna stix for the kid so he watches TV and eats pizza while jack fixes mom's plumbing....... Oops
  6. Sure . Just tell me what were your weak areas in in Medicine...
  7. You will have to start looking at the rotation sites and talk to your peers about them. Find out areas where they speak your native language as that can help. I don't know how your school does it. This is the time you should start look at job boards and see whats being offered in terms of non US PA's. Just be patient, and don't let this affect your studies. Lemme know if this helps.
  8. The best way to find out is to contact Wingate University Students....
  9. My friend, please be careful as it may land you in trouble while you are on rotations. Just make yourself believe you know nothing. Forget the past where you were in the core of action. This is difficult sometimes but you got to do what you got to do. As for the LOR, ask people who are happy to give you one.
  10. Buy A Classic II SE. They are all good. You don't need an electronic for starts. That's my suggestion. I have been switching between Cardiology III and Classic II SE and i like them. For a learner a Classic II SE is good. You don't need to spend a whole lot of money for a stethoscope.
  11. If anyone wants to do a review of the high yield material especially internal medicine and sub-specialties , please message me. Its absolutely free. Well some people did not read the message properly. If i get a minimum number of students we can have aonce a week session via Skype / Google hangouts. There is nothing to email.
  12. If anyone needs a review for their personal statement send me a message.
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