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  1. HI guys. FIrst, a little about myself. Single full time dad of 2 little ones. FT respiratory therapist with 5 years experience. Now, before my kids were born and before respriratory school had even begun, I knew my goal was to become a PA. My plan was to graduate as an RT, as I did, and gain experience and reapply for shcool for my bacheors. Being an RT is great, but being an RT and supporting 2 kids gets a bit difficult when your constantly streatching yourself between working night shifts and raising children. I had an understanding a long time ago that being a PA fulfilled some sort of home/work balance. Thats whats always intrigued me to the field. Good pay without all the extra OT hours to keep up to pace with lifes curveballs. And of course, I knew i wanted more patient interaction, more responsibility than that of an RT. Now, I am at a point where I am ready to go back to school in the very near future. My dilema is finding a proper undergrad. I am trying to find something that isnt a biology degree (because really, is PA school doesnt work out, WTH am i going to do with a biology degree??) . The only thing that may seem semi interesting to me is Healthcare admin. BUt even that doesnt sound all that appealing. Anywho, what was the path you took before getting into PA school?? I am trying to find my "blueprint" so to speak. Maybe yours could enlighten me. Thanks GUYS ! and BTW what a great forum this is....
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