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  1. Yes, I am a bit skeptical. I haven't submitted my application yet. Don't think I will, but I have been in contact with them. I called back in December and they were pretty receptive and even sent me a program information packet. However, since than they have taken down the PA information site, so a little hesitant.
  2. @smccccc nice. They aren't rolling admission right? Also been trying to go on their website to look at the requirements again, but the Physician Assistant page has been removed.
  3. Thought I'd start a thread since they are a developing program. I was wondering if anyone else was thinking about taking the chance and applying?
  4. I was told they interview until February by various sources @patel_PA I was last minute on my supplemental app, so still waiting to here something too
  5. I am also wondering. Same boat as you @kittykat1234 , only got an email wishing me a happy holiday lol.
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