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  1. I am looking to buy a ROSH account with 14 days or more activity. Please PM me if interested.
  2. You can apply as a senior and some students graduate UG a week before starting.
  3. I started my program with a roommate that I did not know before we moved. It has been a really good experience for me. We help each other study occasionally and He is a really easy roommate. I am sure not everyone is as fortunate. I am paying out of state with loans, so a roommate was no contest. I would do it again. Unless your program is extremely small, you do not have to sit next or group with your roommate during the day. It was nice for me to have some interaction outside of class in a new area. Best of luck.
  4. Hello all, I am attempting to prophylactically treat any confusion that may arise due to GRU changing the name of the university again. As of today, GRU will now be called Augusta University. I hope this clears up any discrepancy that may arise. I cannot deny nor confirm this going down better with A1 sauce or any prior Australian influence, but it could be gold. Good day, HS
  5. Just finished Anatomy third exam and cannot believe it is over. Our other classes get harder for the last two weeks we have left. Although anatomy is a personal weakness, it is definitely rewarding to know so much about the body and look forward to serving others through it.
  6. Perhaps try a different internet browser like IE or Chrome. I occasionally have problems with FF on drop down boxes. Good Luck!
  7. You might also consider Case File books. Depending on your program, getting familiar with Netter's would not hurt anyone.
  8. I used one clinical PA, one clinical surgeon, and a science professor that knew me well academically. "We recommend strongly that at least one of your references be provided by a physician assistant who has seen you in action with patients or in a volunteer capacity." I would suggest mostly clinical references, especially if your GPA and GRE are high.
  9. Some tips I would say are to be early, use humility, and be yourself. They are interested in knowing who you are in the small time given. Make sure you get the required PA shadowing hours and try to get 2-3 types of practices. Know why you want to become a PA and why you want to go to GRU.
  10. I used the Kaplan book and the free ETS software on their website. I would not recommend the ETS book because the test in it are free on site. I also found it helpful practicing a whole test with writing. I ran out of time on math on the last two questions on both sections which were the only two not multiple choice. Missing four, due to time, I still got a 161. Just learn the patterns. I spent no time on vocabulary but made sure everything else was strong. Good luck to you :)
  11. I used the Kaplan book, some free apps, and two free test from ETS software as well. It should be sufficient for your needs and more than I needed. I spent roughly $40 on test prep.
  12. I work under an EMT-B cert. as an ER Tech/EMT transporter 700-1900 3-5 days a week. I am able to do draws, EKGs, Monitor tech II, splints, drive/charge truck and Foley.
  13. Yes there is a facebook group called "GRU PA class of 2017." It is a closed group, so request or try sending the admin a message. Congratulations and I hope you find a great living situation.
  14. For those of you I had the honor to meet, it was very nice and good luck to all who came. :)
  15. I have heard several (limited number of course) people tell me they applied to a few PA schools with no luck, but instantly got in a US medical school.
  16. I had a lower GPA than you after my Liberal Arts BA. I went back and took science courses including genetics and organic with lab. I got straight A's in all of them. It is important to show you can handle science courses well, while bringing your GPA up. If you cannot do undergraduate sciences, most master programs with very accelerated science courses will not look at that favorably. Research is good and has definite merit, but I think there are better ways to gain experience that could help your application. Many students become CNA's or MA's. They are definitely good ways to get patient experience, but you really want to go beyond most students because you have to offset your GPA. I worked as a scribe, MA, ER technician, and EMT. It is also important to do well on the GRE or MCAT, depending on the test your program requires(I suggest top 30% of GRE test takers). The GRE can be difficult at first, but with a few months studying, most should be able to learn the traps set before them. Many programs want you to shadow PA's in different settings to get a broad picture of the profession and also make sure it is a good occupation for you to pursue. My interview asked each applicant how many shadowing hours they had accumulated. Most of mine were on the job, as I worked with PA's every day. Even so, I still shadowed some in other specialities while I was not working. The shadowing also allows you to make relationships for people you can request to write your letters of recommendations. Research the schools you would like to apply, but most desire at least one PA, medical provider at your work, and perhaps a favorite professor you spend most time with in office hours. Just getting interviews is a difficult process. If I could stress one thing, apply as early as possible. Many programs have rolling admissions, which means very attractive applicants might miss acceptance due to late submissions that still fall in the allotted time given to apply. Make sure you do your due diligence with research before pursuing this profession, as it is a very, very competitive process. Good luck to you.
  17. I am interested if you still have the items available. Thank you for your time.
  18. Hello all, I am interested in seeking equipment for PA school. If you could let me know the models and colors you are selling please. Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas, HS
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