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  1. Emedpa, Thanks for your reply. I've bumped into your posts on sdn as well. Most of the pa's I talk to in the er's seem to like what they're doing and be happy. They are definitely not in charge of the med codes and such, but they seem to love the work still. Wondering if you know many pa's who feel the same as you do? Do you think some of it is geographic specific? (I live in the SF Bay Area and want to remain here if I can). What specifically has bothered you in your career? I do love emergency medicine but not sure I want to remain in it forever. It would be nice to work EM fo
  2. To current working PA's, I am in the midst of a big career decision: To take prereqs towards PA school or Medical school. I was wondering if I could get some input from current working PA's on the career. I am a 28yo m, single, no kids, with a BA in Global Studies and Spanish 3.5 GPA. I am currently working as a Paramedic. I love medicine, the patient connection and the science of it. I just finished my first Chem class and came out with an A. Now I have to choose between taking Microbiology for PA school or Chem 2 for Med school. PA, by all means, seems like the most prac
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