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  1. Hello, My name is Matthew McClung, I am looking to shadow a PA in Denver, Colorado. This will be my first time shadowing, and I primarily just want to learn more about the PA role in the hospital setting. I am an EMT-b and have my undergrad in Biology, and have experience in the ED primarily. Please contact me if you have any questions for me, or if you would like a CV, or for any more information you need, or maybe even if you know of a good PA i could contact here in Denver (or anywhere in Colorado for that matter). Thank you everyone in advance
  2. Great! sound like that is definitely an option! how did you like paramedic? Do you think it is a strong option for PA school? Or should I look into RT or Nursing or something else? I'm kind of uniquely not tied up in something currently, so I want to keep my options open.
  3. Thank you for your input. I will definitely try and take some more classes, besides a pharm course, is there any other you would recommend? If I go to Paramedic school, would those grades count? And last (thanks again for everyones time) is Paramedic the best route after I work as an EMT? or would nursing school, or med tech, or RT be a better option as far as HCE?
  4. Hi there, I graduated with a degree in Biology, but really didn't know what i wanted to do with it while i was in school, and as a result, i did not receive the best grades. I got a cumulative 2.56, but I have a 3.2 in my prerequisite classes, and a better cumulative over my last 4 semesters, but still not great, 2 C's and mostly B's. That being said, PA school is my dream. It's something i really want to do. I recently obtained my EMT-b and want to start working, I have some HCE but not a lot, yet. I was just hoping to get some input on how to address my low GPA. What types of classes I can take, and where, to increase my GPA? I am also very highly considering going to Paramedic school for my EMT-P. Any suggestions? Am I screwed by my old grades from when i had no idea what i was doing? Should I try and go to nursing school or RT or something over Paramedic? Would that make a difference? Thanks anyone for input, I feel like I am in quite a bind, and would really appreciate input or suggestions.
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