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  1. Fair enough. Suppose my last 45 were 3.7 and my science was 3.4 but my cum was still below 3.0... good HCE, good GRE, great LOR, etc... would that qualify me to be competitive at Pacific or is the cum GPA always going to be an issue? I'm going to have like 199 credits when I graduate so even straight As don't really make a dent in that cum GPA
  2. I must be in the minority in that I actually think shadowing is worthwhile. In my experience, my shadowing has been nothing short of a great experience. This is probably due to the fact that the providers I have chosen to follow are PAs that I work with on a regular basis in the ED and know me well. They treat me like a PA-S, essentially. They let me evaluate/assess patients on my own and ask me lots of critical thinking questions like: do we need imaging? what films? Should we consult? what sutures would you use? etc etc. Granted it's a small sample size but it's a hell of a lot more useful than quietly following someone around for 8 hours. I think the key is combining your HCE working alongside PAs and a shadowing to get a feel for what it's like to think like a provider and not just "oh so that's what you do"
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