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  1. Apparently I have finished all these "extra" classes you're talking about and there is no room for me to take it so they denied me the e-permit (this is a request to take it at a different cuny since my cuny no longer offers it). I went to my school and was unable to do anything about this. The science department was outraged and called Registrar but they said these are the rules. So I am losing a year and I am not young anymore. Very distressing.
  2. that was a valid class? It seems like a more medical approach but that should be great. Did the schools you applied to accept it without hesitation? Thanks so much
  3. Hello, I am done with most my prerequisites and in desperate need of a decent, online biochemistry course. Seems one must be matriculated to take this course at a 4 year college? I am in NYC. My cuny school is not allowing me permission to take biochem anywhere because they claim it is not a required course for me to graduate. I have searched endlessly and the only biochem related course I found was the New England Medical Biochemistry but from the description, does not seem like this would be the correct one to take. Thank you in advance and good luck everyone who has applied for this cycle!
  4. Thank you both, really appreciate it. I think I am going to pursue the medical assistant certification this summer. I would love to be able to apply to several schools outside NYC, unfortunately I neither have the budget to move nor a traditional family situation (it's complicated) this placing me in a very stationary mode, can't go too far. Yes, I am worried about how competitive the schools have become. Thank you, will be back here
  5. Hello, I hope this finds everyone well. I am now 38 and decided on a career change and thus have been taking prerequisites at a pretty decent community college in NYC, which I am almost done with. I have several issue at the moment: 1. Every time I look at the program of my choice website, a new prerequisite appears; last year they were different than this year so there are always classes I am missing and can not apply 2. I want to work with patients already and a phlebotomy program is opening up and thinking of registering but it is not cheap and do I really need it? 3. I have about 65 h
  6. Hello everyone, I am nearly finished with my pre-requisites and looking into GRE prep. I am usually a diy person but there are some test taking "tricks" and I don't know the strategies... Any input on this? Are there other test prep programs you would recommend? Thanks so much, everyone Anasara
  7. Hi, lovely essay!! I would change physician's assistant with physician assistant in the closing paragraph. Wishing you well:) A
  8. hi Afreen! Congratulations! I am interested in applying in the future, just working on my prereqs at the moment. What are your stats? gpa, hours of worked experience, degree and whatever else you would be ok with sharing? Just really trying to see what my chances are. Also, was it difficult to find shadowing? Thanks soo much, I hope you will come to the board once in a while.
  9. Hello, I am sorry that you received a rejection letter. I would love to go to York, I am working on my prereqs right now but also need the paid healthcare experience so I am pretty far from applying. Do you mind maybe messaging me and telling me your stats? GPA, etc. I am so unsure I will get accepted, ever that I am thinking of nursing which I can apply for right now instead of waiting another 2 years to apply to York. Is it that hard to get in? Thanks so much for your time and I hope you get an acceptance letter from elsewhere:)
  10. Hi Brooklynpa, may I ask what your stats were in terms of gpa, work experience, GRE score? im working on my prereqs at the moment and would like to know what my chances are as it seems to be a pretty long road. Thanks so much, brooklynpa!
  11. The problem right now is that CUNY's are the only affordable options for many of us and the competition is uncanny! People often apply with 3.9 GPA and a ton of work experience and extracurricular activities. This is why a B+ is a bad grade, especially for me since I have no medical experience besides taking care of two family members with cancer...
  12. Hi Paula, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Perhaps I am taking things for granted but I do doubt myself so often these days. I owe so much in school loans and am upset with myself for the bad choices I have made. I certainly feel I am not good enough and starting to realize how competitive it is getting into a NYC school. Although my gpa is a reasonable 3.8 I do worry that after I take all the pre-reqs (3 more chem classes, stats, 4 more Bio) I will perhaps flunk the interview and then what? I am trying to get a Medical Assistant certificate soon so that I can get some work ho
  13. Thank you for sharing this book:) Happy Holidays!
  14. Thanks for this post. I am 36 and taking prereqs for nursing or PA. This is definitely overwhelming as I have no experience in the medical field.
  15. Hi GreatChecko and Avalon, Thank you so, so much for your responses, I appreciate your time and advice so much! I have been eyeing nursing school for several years and I finally understand the process of applying there and all about prerequisites. It seems the more research I do the more new things come upon. I am trying to distribute my prereqs wisely, a 4 credit science class and an easy 3 credit writing/phi/soc class per semester. I think that because the economy is so stagnant there are way more candidates for all med professions/schools, espcially the CUNY's since they are so affordable
  16. Hi Imomo, someone mentioned on a post above that "you don't need an Masters degree if you graduate before 2020." I am taking my prereqs now and I doubt I will be graduating from a PA program by then...
  17. wow, so PA's need a MA past 2020? It seems I am missing all trains and getting old while taking pre-reqs
  18. Hello, my name is Ana and I have a BA from The New School in NYC. After many years in the arts (I am 36 and a mother of 1) I have decided I would like to be a PA or an NP. In the past year I have lost 3 very close family members and took care of all of them at home: 2 with cancer one with Alzheimer's who spent her final days in a nursing home, with me visiting every day and changing the dressings on her unstageable wounds. (long story, nursing home abuse) I am a huge fan of science and medicine. I thought about being a dermatologist in my early 20's but art is what I had been doing since I ca
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