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  1. also, if people wanted their acceptance in paper form, MBK mailed out the same acceptance letter and matriculation agreement and i received it this morning from the mailbox =)
  2. haha i JUST realized this. havent had to use the id before other then to sign in so i completely forgot! thanks
  3. are we just supposed to make an account on the Application Station and not begin anything just yet since we haven't received a student ID#?
  4. havent gotten one yet. and from what i understand, the matriculation agreement can be mailed to the school itself or scanned and emailed am i correct?
  5. same check your inboxes i got my email this morning! they ask for a deposit fee, a matriculation agreement and a background check
  6. @ selectorpas my interview was on Jan 10, which I believe was one of the first (if not the actual first) interview dates that were available. But after my interview, i didnt exactly feel like "WOW that was an amazing interview, i did great!" so if you're unsure how you did, don't lose hope!! you never know what they'll consider, good luck to you all =)
  7. oh thanks for the reply! i guessed i missed that info when they called =) at least we have something to look forward to!
  8. same, as much as i loved MBK when i took the tour and interviewed with the faculty, my family thinks that since it is provisionally accredited and a new PA program it'll be harder to find jobs after graduating compared to going to a more recognized PA program. however i am leaning towards MBK. any thoughts?
  9. does anyone know when we should be receiving a confirmation email about our acceptances after being called? the paranoid side of me (and my parents) are anxious to see it in print and prove that it wasn't just a sad dream =P
  10. me too i got a call this morning and got accepted!! so excited!!!
  11. Congrats! however today at my interview they said acceptances/alternates/no acceptances will be given out at the end of march/april and not anytime before. i was wondering if you applied very early on in the process which is why you were given such an early acceptance, just so i wasnt mistaken by what was said today =)
  12. @TexasGirl - yes I emailed Leslie and asked the same question, and she said at the moment they no longer need the verification sheet. Looks like they might have gotten a lot of complaints about it last year so they revised the process
  13. For the reapplicants - what would you say limited you from getting into PA school the first time, if you dont mind sharing. I've heard that interviews are given out mostly based on GPAs so the schools might not have considered the backgrounds of applicants just yet. So I'm worried because even though I was granted an interview, I can't really make an estimate of my chances of getting in.
  14. Same I emailed Leslie and she said to disregard the requirements folder!
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