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  1. Can anyone comment on this format of the online classes? Is there a professor you can reach out to? Is it difficult to keep up with them versues in the in person classes?
  2. Just looking at the number of classes for the MS per their web site, AACC seems to have beefed up their masters program quite a bit. It actually looks much more extensive now.
  3. Sorry to highjack a dead thread... I now see that the Anne Arundel Community College/UMB program is offering the program with an "MS In Health Science" from UMB, would this still be equaivalent to the MMS?
  4. I'm trying to learn a couple of things about AACC's PA program possibly for the future...if anyone could help me out with these I would appreciate it. 1. How has the transition been to the master's degree at UMB been? Are you satisfied with the classes there? 2.Will the MS in Health Sciences this program offers pose any kind of issue getting a job or a license in another state? I know in 2020 every program will have to offer a master's degree and I'm wondering if this will suffice. 2. Can anyone comment on the locations/quality of the clinical rotations? Are they all in Maryland?
  5. Can anyone comment on the locations and/or the quality of the rotations at Nova Orlando? Have you been satisfied with your rotations? Are they all/mostly in the Orlando area? All in Florida? Some out of state?
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