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  1. We will be holding an information session next week for those considering applying to the residency program. There will be a short presentation, and plenty of chances to speak with faculty and current residents about their experiences. Please RSVP to the contact listed in the attached flyer; hope to see you there!
  2. The Yale Emergency Medicine PA Residency is now welcoming applications for the upcoming Class of 2020. Details regarding required application materials can be found online at: https://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/residency/pa/applicationprocess/ https://jobs.ynhhs.org/jobs/3285735-er-adv-practice-resident-pa Please feel free to contact any of the faculty directly for additional information. Application materials should be submitted no later than January 1, 2019; we look forward to hearing from you!
  3. We have two residents per class, and will be accepting the same number into our upcoming class. We always try and respond as quickly as possible to questions here on the forum; you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter at @YaleEMPA for questions or up to date information about the program.
  4. The online application should be posted this week. In the meantime feel free to start submitting your supplemental application material directly to the residency program. https://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/residency/pa/applicationprocess/index.aspx
  5. Sorry that we will miss you! Feel free to contact any of the faculty with any questions you might have (info on the website) or speak with one of our residents when they rotate through the Bridgeport ED. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The Yale New Haven EM PA Residency will be hosting an information session on September 7th for those who might be interested in pursuing postgraduate training in emergency medicine, especially those interested in coming to Yale. There will be an opportunity to meet with program faculty and current residents, and enjoy some of our famous local pizza! Please see the attached poster for details; we look forward to seeing some of you! Residency Info Session Poster.pdf
  7. The Yale Emergency Medicine PA Residency is now accepting applications for the Class of 2018 (anticipated start date June 2017). The preliminary application may be submitted electronically using the link below; additional application materials may be submitted directly to the program as outlined on our website. https://www.ynhh.org/careers/career-search/detail.aspx?jobtitle=ER%20ADV%20PRACTICE%20RESIDENT%20(PA)&id=10278 https://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/residency/pa/applicationprocess/ Please e-mail the program directly with any questions that you may have; we look forward to hearing from you!
  8. The specific prerequisites are available on the website, but like many other programs we are looking for applicants who are highly motivated learners with a strong desire to pursue a career in emergency medicine. Prior EM experience does not hurt, but is not mandatory for a successful resident. Academics are emphasized with the program, so GPA is a consideration, but PANCE is not. Many applicants are still in PA school at the time of their interviews, and they may not take the PANCE until they have already started in the residency program. As a PA student, it would likely be beneficial to demonstrate some interest in emergency medicine during your time in PA school. This might incorporate extra electives, professional memberships, research, etc. I hope this helps a little; feel free to e-mail any of the faculty listed on the website with specific questions as well.
  9. You can now also follow us on Facebook for photos, program updates, etc. Follow the link below, or just search for @YaleEMPA on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/YaleEMPA/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  10. This will vary based upon the specific rotation. Some will be 40 hours working 8 hours/day, some will include nights/weekends, others may be 10-12 hours/shift or longer.
  11. The PA residents follow the same ACGME duty hour restrictions as the physician residents. Exact hours and shift length will vary based upon the specific rotation; typically most rotations will be 40-60 hours/week, with a few (such as MICU) potentially longer depending on call schedule.
  12. https://www.ynhh.org/careers/career-search/detail.aspx?jobtitle=ER%20Advanced%20Practice%20Resident%20PA%20or%20APRN&id=6158 The online application is now available for the 2016-2017 residency class at Yale New Haven Hospital. Please see the website for additional application materials that should be submitted directly to the program (https://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/residency/pa_np/applicationprocess/). Interviews will be planned for early February; please feel free to contact the program directly with any questions that you may have about the application process.
  13. We have updated our website! For information on our program, go to: http://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/residency/pa_np/
  14. Just as an update, we will also be including a dedicated rotation in simulation medicine for the residency program. The Department of Emergency Medicine along with the School of Medicine have invested significantly in a brand new simulation center which will open next week. Our residents will have the opportunity to practice procedures, manage complex cases and resuscitations, as well as learning about simulation medicine (with the possibility of teaching opportunities with rotating students). The facility is new enough that it isn't even on the university website yet, but photos of the facility can be found on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/yalecenterformedicalsimulation
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