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  1. I have privileges for conscious sedation, and TEE. Send me a messge offline if you want to know more.

    PAs @ NYP?

    I work at NYP/Columbia site. The first interview is with HR. Its about a 10-15 min interview. They will ask why you are applying, hours and days you can work, and other standard ?. Final ? is what is your salary range. They will forward your CV to the department you are applying, and schedule a follow-up in person interview with in the week. Which department and site are you applying to?
  3. I thought about Cavernous Sinus thrombosis but doesn't explain DTR absent, Also had Myasthenic Crisis on the radar but no oropharyngeal weakness. I though of Guillain-Barré syndrome but the protein is not high. Im thinking like JMJ11 and agree with MS. I would like to see the MRI..
  4. Onset, progression, and variability with head posture or gaze direction, as well as previous similar episodes ( associated with any neuro symptoms?)Any muscle weakness, fatigue, difficult swallowing or chewing? Does covering either eye make the diplopia disappear? VA? History of glasses, contacts, surgery, trauma?
  5. Echo.....TR Jet?, IVC collapse?, RV diastolic collapse?
  6. Eisenmenger right to left shunt, PDA
  7. I would add Cor Pulmonale, Pulmonary Hypertension to the above list.
  8. Thanks for the case. I recently read a good case similar to this from BOUNCEBACKS! Case number 8 A 15 year old with RLQ Abdominal Pain: Its is an appy...right? The final diagnosis from the case was Ruptured ovarian abscess with sepsis and cardiopulmonary arrest.
  9. Pregnancy test and what did you find on Physical Exam?
  10. GO NAVY!!! Thanks Brothers!
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