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  1. We're having pre-tests on Med Term and Bioc. Does anyone know if they'll be posting the materials needed for studying or do we study by ourselves?
  2. I interviewed monday afternoon :) congrats!
  3. I heard from a current student, in the previous year, literally half of the class were waitlisted. If you got the interview invite, there's a big chance you will be accepted since some of the accepted students will be going to other schools :) Good Luck!
  4. Hi guys, Bruna's interview group starts calling people this morning. my call is received at 10:30. See you in class !
  5. thanks, that's a relief.. my palms are sweating so much.. I hope Bruna (my interviewer) will call me tomorrow :/
  6. congrats!! I guess I wouldnt get any call then :( mine starts with D
  7. rejection is received thru email today ;/
  8. Thank you for the info! if you know any suggestion on finding job boards that offer non US PAs and willing to sponsor, please let me know :)
  9. done with the interview and it was not bad actually... just relax and be honest.
  10. What is your last name initial if you don't mind me asking
  11. If someone knows the answer please let me know :) I am going to PA school and I am really scared that I would not get a job after graduate because i am here on F1 VISA and from what I have heard, It's unlikely that hospitals/employers will sponsor H1B visa because it's extra work and complicated.
  12. whoaa OCU has a PA program? when is the deadline?
  13. does anyone have information from previous year how many people got interview invites and how many people got accepted ? I am so nervous about the interview.
  14. oops i meant monday Jan 5th.. it's the first day. My last name starts with D though so i guess they are still calling :)
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