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  1. Hi folks, long time lurker with a hopefully not silly question. I'm a new grad, just got an offer for position in critical care. Part of the offer states: "Your base salary is supported, in part, from the master contract with the hospital but also requires that you submit charges for professional fees to cover the balance of the salary and benefits. " Does anyone have a sense for what this is referring to? "...the balance of salary and benefits" has me wondering if the stated salary has my licensing fees and such built into it that will decrease my take home pay, and if there might be some things "hiding" in that statement. Or, is it simply saying that I can get reimbursed for professional fees? Any insight is much appreciated, please forgive my green lack of experience here. Thanks!
  2. I just got an email saying I am on the alternate list. Hopefully that doesn't ruin anyone's day! But better to know, I reckon.
  3. What is a reasonable expectation for a monthly payment on, say, 100K in loans? is the current Gradplus rate around 8%? Suppose it is, what would one be looking at? What is the term for repayment when they set up your monthly payments? I think with private loans its 15 years, like a mortgage. What about student loans? Anyone? I'm curious about the particulars of determining one's monthly payments.
  4. Hey folks, got a rejection email today. If they sent out others and you didn't get one, I reckon you're still on the running! Just FYI.
  5. I called this morning. Elise said the selection had been delayed a bit but she thought they had met last night and would potentially be making calls Monday/next week. Cross your fingers!
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