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  1. I am a PA student at Mississippi college looking for an International clinical rotation in women's health. My program does not provide an opportunity for this, but allows it if I set it up myself. We are allowed to go through other programs!
  2. @KEW92 me too. Has anyone gotten off the wait list yet?? I'm getting concerned
  3. Only thing I heard was to update my profile if I wanted to stay on it but that was in Dec and it was due Jan 5th. I'm waiting to hear too. Has anyone gotten off of the list yet???
  4. I still haven't heard anything other than all my materials are turned in. When do we start hearing about interviews?
  5. Anyone know where the Facebook group is for class of 2017?
  6. coming from the DC/MD area. Had my interview in October. I updated my application about a week ago. I have been accepted to another program but UNE was were I felt most comfortable! I've got my fingers crossed.
  7. has anyone still not heard anything? I was verified June 5th...
  8. I am on the waitlist and haven't heard anything yet either. I heard about a third of people get in off the waitlist though
  9. on the waitlist but this is my first choice. has anyone gotten off the waitlist yet for the class of 2017?
  10. Undergrad Ed School: Indiana University-Bloomington-Major in Psychology, minor in Sociology and Nutrition Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.17 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.30 Age at application time: 25 GRE: 150 verbal, 152 Quantitative, 5 analytical Previous work: Program Manager at a non-profit for clients with developmental and emotional disabilities Medical Scribe at George Washington University Hospital Teaching Assistant for Anatomy at Indiana University Medical Assistant to a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon-Present position- Majority of hours Direct Patient Care: Over 4,000 Hours
  11. Just got accepted here! They call from a Google voice number 2 days after the interview! !! Definitely excited
  12. Anyone get accepted off the waitlist yet? I'm on it and anxiously waiting
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