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  1. Hi Titanicjo, I am a first year student starting my first qtr in Seattle. I am from California and do not have ties to the PNW. MEDEX was always my top choice and thought I did not have much of a chance either. I was accepted so just wanted to tell you that there is hope! Feel free to ask questions if needed!
  2. Thank you! I interviewed on 11/3 Do we have a FB page for C/O 2018 yet?!
  3. Likewise!! Just received my acceptance today!!!
  4. Congrats to everyone else who received the interview! I interviewed on 10/20/15 as well and the students, PA and MPH faculty are amazing and truly welcoming. Just a note to those who have interviewed already, it is great that we are providing insight to those who are scheduled to interview, but lets keep in mind that students and faculty members browse through these forums as well. I believe it is important to keep the integrity of the interview process. My advice to those would be to go in with a collaborative mind and be comfortable with yourself. Good luck to all of us!!
  5. I am having the same exact issue! My old GRE scores from last year were sent to the schools I applied for without my consent! I contacted a few of the schools and they informed me my application was already being processed with the old scores, not the new ones! I'm furious! Have you had any luck getting through to CASPA? I tried calling them all day today with no luck of speaking to a rep.
  6. I also received an interview for January 27th! I am still in disbelief and cannot contain my excitement. I look forward to meeting the rest of the interviewees on that day. God bless!
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