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  1. Last year when I interviewed they provided breakfast, but lunch is on your own. There are plenty of restaurants and fast food places close by.
  2. Yes, you are correct. The UMB classes are online, while the AACC classes are in person at Arundel Mills. For example I am now taking Clinical Medicine, Pharm, Patho, Psychiatry, and Peds all at Arundel Mills. I have a biostatistics class online - there are assigned readings, video lectures, homework, and a quiz each week. I really appreciate that they made the UMB classes online because it allows me to plan my week out more according to my schedule, allowing for flexibility in terms of when to study. I really have not seen any negative to have the UMB classes online, the professors are quick to respond to the students and eager to help in any way they can.
  3. If it is the same as last year it will begin with a group breakfast. You will then have a short writing assignment. You will be assigned a morning or afternoon group and individual interview time. When you are not interviewing you will be able to ask current students questions and see some presentations. I was done by 3 pm, but it depends on your interview time.
  4. I am currently attending this program, so thought I would just answer a few questions for you all. Yes there is just one interview day for the entire cycle. As far as the time for the interview I was finished by around 3, but it just depends on when your individual interview is for the day. And yes all but labs are at the Arundel Mills campus. Congrats on getting interviews!
  5. I will be attending this May! I am super excited to meet everyone. A Facebook group sounds great!
  6. Just received my acceptance packet today! I really liked this school, but will probably be declining offer because I got into another program.
  7. Just got acceptance letter in the mail today! Can't wait to start school this May. Good luck everyone!
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