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  1. I interviewed at Touro a few weeks ago and was recently accepted. As you are aware of the stressful nature of the interview process, most of the day I spent focused on the interview process and the rest is a bit of a blur, so I am hoping you'll be able to help me get a better sense of your experience as a Touro PA student! I was initially drawn to Touro CA for the dual PA/MPH degree, but the sense I got from a current student is that there really isn't a huge difference for employers when they hire PAs. Do you know other grads from Touro that feel that their dual degrees were really beneficial? Specifically with working overseas or internationally? In addition to that, how do you like the way the curriculum is organized? Do you feel you are able to devote enough time to your PA studies? For the PA side specifically, is it a systems based model? As for clinical rotation sites, where are they located? Do you anticipate needing to travel and find temporary accommodation? And finally, how do you feel about the facilities and resources available at Touro? To be honest, I was a bit unimpressed by the size of the library especially with the number of students enrolled at Touro. feel free to message me directly. thanks for reading!
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