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  1. Sure, it was 95k starting, now 99k with the 5%.
  2. Hello all, I hit my year mark as a cardio PA in SoCal. I was offered a 5% raise and extra vacation time. Looking back and reading some of the posts here I think I may have failed to ask for some important things. Any help would be appreciated. We have made several work adjustments and the doc is quite open to conversation so I think I could make some improvements to the contract. Current contract: private practice cardiology office, only practitioner besides the doc 3 weeks vacation (+1 week this year) Salary paid bi-weekly (with 5% raise this year) no healthcare
  3. One accepted person has received mail today. So they are on their way. Hope that helps.
  4. The name changed since the last post: Try Stanford PCAP 2017.
  5. Just got my call. So excited! Good luck everyone. Can't wait to meet all you new classmates!!
  6. Hey guys, Got my interview letter for the 19th!! Excited to meet the staff and all of you as well. Good luck to everyone!
  7. No interview or rejection letter yet here in SoCal. The suspense is killing me, good luck to everyone!
  8. Hey, It's Priscilla, unfortunately I did not make it.
  9. @PaigeClark, are you wondering about Master's interviews? This Tacoma thread was for the BCHS program for this site. Maybe you are looking for Seattle or Spokane interviews?
  10. The waiting game is hard, indeed. Good luck to everyone, let's enjoy the holidays and hope for a New Year surprise!!
  11. I got the dreaded letter as well, I am in for the group of re-grouping! Please let me know when you guys want to meet or talk. Congrats to those who made it!!
  12. Hey guys, I'm sorry...just read the post, due to travel plans I won't be able to make it to either that would be happening. I was coming on to cancel. Hope you guys have a great meet! See you on the 12th :)
  13. Hi everyone, My name is Priscilla and I have received an invitation to Tacoma #3 as well! I'd love to join the meet and greet! Thanks!
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