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  1. Are you planning on attending high point mlp9081?
  2. Just got an acceptance phone call!! I'm so excited to get to know everyone! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  3. At my interview, they said they would let us know in 3 weeks. Do you have a special circumstance (need to put deposit down at another school etc) that you needed to know early? Or have they just stated giving decisions early?
  4. What kinds of questions should I ask a program that is provisionally accredited during the interview?
  5. Has bayshore started interviews at all for this cycle?
  6. I received an interview invitation for January as well!
  7. Does anyone know when they will start send invites out for the second round of interviews?
  8. I applied to both Bayshore and Winthrop. My CASPA was verified mid to end of August and received the email that my supplemental was "submitted to the admissions committee for formal review" at the beginning of October. I haven't heard anything from either campus. Has anyone else who submitted around that time heard anything?
  9. My CASPA was verified mid to end of August. I haven't received a supplemental or a rejection yet. Has anyone else who submitted around that time not heard anything either?
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