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  1. Good luck to everyone that interviewed on the 23rd. Do not lose hope. Remember it is not over until you get that dreaded letter in the mail! Even then, it's not over. There is always next year. I am a second year re-applicant and my interview went better the second time around and I was better prepared. So if you do get a letter in the mail, use that next several months to strengthen your application. They liked something about you, other than that you wouldn't of been invited to an interview. You just have to show them that something in your interview. Sending good vibes your way and I hope to see you guys in class this summer! Yareli A. Sent from my iPhone
  2. Devin? Devin? :) This is Yareli. I got the call too!!!! [emoji126]???? Sent from my iPhone
  3. I can't wait to meet everybody. Hopefully it will help calm my nerves ???? Please reserve 2 seats for me. Thanks Sent from my iPhone
  4. The reason I suggested 5:30-6, was because I met with the Tacoma class #3 the night before interviews and we were out for about 2hrs. But I'm flexible with the time as well. :) Sent from my iPhone
  5. Sure. Count me in. December 11 works for me at the Harmon. Can we try for a sooner time? I would like to go home and do the final touch ups before the interview. Perhaps 5:30-6pm? Sent from my iPhone
  6. Tacoma meet up: has anyone figured out any details on where and when we are meeting up at? Sent from my iPhone
  7. I interviewed last year and met with some of the candidates that were interviewing the night before. From my understanding, class #2 wasn't able to meet with us due to school policy. It would be helpful if that is clarified first. But I'm always up to meeting with those that want to meet up. It was a great experience, a good vibe and I felt comfortable the next day. I still keep in touch :) Sent from my iPhone
  8. My application was also submitted in early August. So definitely don't lose hope. It is still early in the week. :) Sent from my iPhone
  9. Hello, I also received an invitation for the December 12th interview conference. I am excited and look forward to meeting you all. Congratulations to those that received their invites and good luck to those that are still waiting! Sent from my iPhone
  10. No I didn't get in. :( Yareli Sent from my iPhone
  11. Stay strong and positive. As I said, it wasn't our year. But this is not the end. Best luck to everybody. And congrats again to those that got in :) Sent from my iPhone
  12. Sure Aaron. Even though I'm keeping my my fingers crossed for us that would be great. Sent from my iPhone
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