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  1. The name of the group is " samuel merrit univ PA class of 2017". Once you find the group then you just have to ask to join.
  2. I just created a facebook page "Samuel Merritt Univ PA Class of 2017"
  3. I just created a facebook page "Samuel Merritt Univ PA Class of 2017"
  4. @maypeter congrats on the scholarship!!! Here is my name if you start the facebook page: siobhan finn or email it's connected to: sio2023@yahoo.com
  5. Congratulations to everyone!!!! I am so excited to meet you all!!! Anyone know what the start date is? @BBecker: I applied for the Hawaii HPSA scholarship and got it! I was notified when I got the acceptance call.
  6. I think that's a good idea to wait to do facebook. I'm thinking we will get everyone's contact info once the class is finalized. But maybe we start a separate thread here in the meantime? I can't wait to meet everyone!!!
  7. Congrats!!!!! I'm wondering about housing too. Do you think we should start a facebook page for our class?
  8. I interviewed on dec 6 and got an acceptance call today
  9. I got an exceptance call today too!!!!! I'm super excited to be a part of the samuel merritt family!!!
  10. I interviewed Dec 6 and am still waiting to hear back (keeping my fingers crossed!!!). I think we will all hear back some time this week. We were told in the Dec 6 interview that Feb 14 would be the latest day we'd hear from them. Good luck!!!
  11. Congratulations!!! How did you find out? Phone call or email?
  12. I interviewed in December and at that time they said that there would be 2 more interview dates in January, and that we would find out decisions by Feb 14. But it sounds like their timeline has been pushed back a bit. I'm sitting here biting my nails in the meantime. Good luck on the interviews everyone!!!! It is a long day, but a fun day.
  13. They called to confirm and then a couple weeks later sent an email with all the information included.
  14. I interviewed on Dec 6 and it was actually a pretty fun day! They rotate groups through different interviews/activities and are really just trying to get to know the interviewees and see if you are a good fit. I know it's so cliche but really just be yourself. Get to know everyone and let them get to know you. They said that we won't know notify people until Feb 14 (after all interviews are done) except for a few select individuals that they may accept right away.
  15. What did the email say? I did not receive any emails.
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