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  1. Good to know! I don't feel so bad anymore for the "rejection"
  2. @dhans Great questions! To address the first question regarding the accumulation of HCE hours during the cycle - it all depends on how each school treats your HCE hours. Some want x hours at the time of application while some want x hours at matriculation. If you don't meet the standards for those schools that need it at the time of application, you may want to steer clear of them. However, other schools will allow you to supplement your application with new hours throughout the cycle. Contact these schools and find out how they'd like the information. Take advantage of these schools b
  3. Received a call yesterday asking if I wanted to remain on the waitlist; sounds like they're doing their waitlist review now. I declined, but I wonder if they're inquiring about my plans or were trying to offer me admission.
  4. It really sounds like you improved your stats, nice work! Your GRE score sounds pretty good, and it's completely your call on whether you want to retake it. After I was rejected the first time around, I reasoned that paying $200 to retake the GRE is better than waiting another year to apply in case I was rejected again, so I swallowed the cost. If money and time were not an issue, I would improve every factor in your control.
  5. As mentioned above, it costs around $100 to apply to each school. There are also other indirect costs to take optional prerequisite courses, take the GRE, transportation to and from shadowing sites. I got paid for the HCE hours but it was peanuts. Length of time: CASPA opens their new application cycle every April. As soon as it opened, I started the application, gathered letter of recommendations, transcripts, etc. First application was submitted in June and school I wanted to attend notified me of admission late October.
  6. I think it had to do with applying late in the cycle, having less HCE hours at that time (800 hours at the time of application) and no shadowing experience back then. At the one school I interviewed at, I may have interviewed poorly compared to my candidates as well. I could never pinpoint a concrete reason which is why I applied to so many schools the second time around.
  7. Hi All, I'm writing this to help prospective PA applicants with their journey applying to PA schools. 2 years later, I can say it was not easy and it's hard to draw generalizations on school admission practices because every school is different. Here are the facts on my admissions process to help you with yours: My Stats: 3.45 UGPA from a state school, BS in Biology 3.45 GGPA from a private school, MS in Biotechnology 1200 hours HCE as a CNA (800 at an assisted living facility in 2007 and 400 from a TBI rehab in 2015) GRE V 81%; Q 68%; W 56% Lots of undergraduate research in a biology
  8. Received an invite to interview at the NJ campus on Feb 10th but I will be declining. The email states "Currently, our Philadelphia campus is full and we will be interviewing for the New Jersey campus or the waitlist."
  9. Accepted after their very first interview session, but will be giving up my spot.
  10. There is another (2nd) interview session being held on Nov 17th. I cancelled my interview and withdrew my application so I hope someone else grabs it. Good luck.
  11. Hi All - I am canceling my interview and withdrawing my application for the 11/16 morning session. Hope someone else is able to grab that slot.
  12. Don't give up hope. I had no movement for so long at a lot of schools I applied to until I least expected it.
  13. Phew! I thought I was surely rejected after everyone got their call yesterday. I got my call today...psyched! We had Uber Kittens visit our office today and I literally threw the kitten I was holding at my coworker to pick up the phone.
  14. Received an invite as well. I'm guessing this is their second interview session?
  15. I interviewed on 10/22 and found out yesterday via email I was waitlisted. Did anyone else hear anything?
  16. Placed on the "alternate list" last week. Hope I'm accepted eventually.
  17. Thanks for taking the initiative to email! I'm anxious to hear back.
  18. I currently live in NYC and it's definitely expensive. Cost of living is on the rise too. Every year my rent has rose 15%. That being said, there are less expensive places to live but they are a bit distant. NYC has a lot of cultural and social benefits but I'm not sure if there will be enough time to enjoy it in PA school. In the end, it comes down to whether you can a) afford it and b) have the personality to handle a fast-paced city.
  19. Received an interview invite from them via email on Wednesday.
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