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  1. I've been making lists of what to include in my narrative, but I can't seem to create a fluid sounding essay. I want to explain why my gpa has fluctuated, I want to explain how my hands on patient contact has influenced my life, I also want to explain that I have been through hardships without sounding like I'm asking for a pity party, and on top of all of that I want the readers to understand that all of this has led me to wanting to work in a clinical setting as a PA engaging with patients and not only caring for them, but creating solid trusting relationships with them. I feel like I'm all
  2. Awesome, thanks! CAS changed the grades when I went back in and re-entered
  3. Also I took a&p 1 and 2, so should I put the course subject as biology? Or make one anatomy and one physiology?
  4. Quick question, how important is it that we have the exact course subject, because some of my subjects are not listed in CASPA, for example my introduction to college course, and a course called "Grand Challenges", but I can't find anything similar to this in the listed subjects. Also, it listed some of my CAS grades different from the grades I entered, is this supposed to happen? Thanks!
  5. Saw this was a new program on caspa, was wondering if anyone has heard anything about it. I couldn't find any information from the university's website directly about the program.
  6. When asking for recommendations do they need to be electronic copies for caspa or hard copies to be sent directly to the schools?
  7. If I am taking classes at a school in which all of the classes are only 3 credit courses, do I have to retake all of the prerequisites at a 4 credit college? Do you think I should call the programs and ask?
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