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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there is in the southeastern US and would be willing to let me know if my new grad neurosurgery offer is reasonable. Message me if you’re in the field and can offer some help. Just didn’t want to post the specifics publicly. thanks!
  2. Make sure you check out AAPA for malpractice. I believe they have really good rates for new grads?
  3. Hey, I am curious how this turned out? any update? As a PA student about to start my clinicals, I am really considering derm. Thanks!
  4. One of the students answered this question during the Q and A. They said the faith portion is not "in your face" at all. They said it's there if you want it and it's absent if you don't.
  5. For those accepted, I am trying to make my deposit. I remember them saying class starts in July, however online it asks for the deposit for August. Is that the option I should select?
  6. Just got my acceptance email as well. Good luck to all of you, everyone was such a great candidate in my interview group I'm not sure how they could choose! I feel blessed and wish you all the best of luck!
  7. For those of you who received their letter today, are you local? I'm in the Midwest. Just hoping that mine will take longer :)
  8. Hey everybody, Just wishing some good luck and good vibes to everybody tomorrow! See you morning session people around 8:30!
  9. Gotcha, yeah I received the same letter last year. Wen I called they told me I was a competitive applicant but basically applied too late. I was told it's a waitlist to interview and its confidential (no rankings). They do "up to 7 interview sessions" but the class typically fills before that. I would say apply again next year very early if you don't get in somewhere else this year!
  10. I didn't think I would hear back for a while yet. When did they let you know? Did you get a call or an email or a letter?
  11. Hey, I interviewed this past Wednesday. Everyone there seemed very nice and well qualified. Good luck to everyone. These two weeks will go by pretty slow!
  12. To give exact questions in advance would be somewhat unethical, with that said they ask very generic questions that aren't "out of nowhere." The group portion is exactly what you probably think it is; a small group of students interact together for a short period of time. Really just be yourself and answer questions honestly, they want to see if you fit the program and get a sense of who you are. They interview lots of people and I'm sure they can easily spot those that are being dishonest or telling them what they think they want to hear. Good luck on the 24th! Try to stay relaxed and get some sleep the night before!
  13. I am on unranked waitlist. :( bummer. Anybody ask Pam how many are on the ranked and unranked list? I'm sure chances of getting in from unranked is extremely slim unfortunately
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