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  1. @fluidworks thank you for clarifying! Sorry I had that wrong!
  2. My understanding is that the committee hold status means you are on the wait list for the program. I believe they said in the interview they put around 20 people on the list and usually take between 3-5 people from it.
  3. I too received the call from Glenn yesterday informing me of my acceptance. I am so excited and grateful to be attending school at OHSU next year! I cannot wait to meet everyone! We have an exciting couple of years ahead of us! For those that didn't get in, have faith. This was my 2nd time applying to PA school. I did a lot of things different this time around, the most important being that I submitted my application in May instead of the week before the deadline. Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions about the reapplication process! Best of luck to everyone in
  4. I just received my interview invite for November 19th last week. I had submitted my completed application back in June. If you haven't heard anything from the school it is possible that it is good news!
  5. For the interview there are three different segments consisting of a group interview, 1 hour MMI section, and then information about the program and a tour of the CLSB. There is also a lunch with current students and a question and answer period. Prior to the interview the school will be in contact with you about everything you need to know for interview day. We were told that the admissions committee meets after either 2 or 3 interviews to discuss the candidates and will let us know their decision within a couple weeks. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hey there! The first time I applied I didn't submit my application until right before the deadline in late August/September depending on which school it was. July isn't a bad time to apply, but the earlier the better. There are plenty of people who submit their application late in the game and get accepted. I would recommend taking the GRE earlier than July if you are able to just because it takes time to process and get the official results to schools. Your CASPA application will take a long time. I don't have exact number of hours, but the personal statement alone took a lot of time bet
  7. I too received an acceptance letter from UNE! Congratulations to those who also received the good news. For those that didn't I am so sorry. I know it is so disappointing and I wish you the best of luck with all of your other schools! My unsolicited advice would be to make sure to contact each school you applied to and get feed back from them on how you can improve your application specifically. Then, re-apply very early in the cycle next year. This was my 2nd time applying to PA school. I turned in my CASPA and supplementals in May/early June for all my schools and I think that made a hu
  8. I will be interviewing on October 28th. I am so glad to have a date set! For those wondering, the interview dates are October 21st, October 28th, November 7th, November 18th, and November 28th. They said they may add more interview dates later on. Look forward to meeting some of you!
  9. Thank you! It was Mr. Brenneman that called me. Sorry if I made people more stressed by letting you know that I had received a call. That definitely was not my intent! For other schools I felt it was helpful for to know the admissions timeline. It is still very early in the cycle so there are plenty of open positions left!!
  10. The interviews went great! The information session and tour on the Friday before was a perfect way to get to know some of the faculty and made the actual interview much less stressful because everyone is so nice there. For future interviewees, dress for that Friday is more business casual instead of business formal. I didn't realize that so I wanted to give you all a heads up! The actual interview is an interesting set up, but I personally liked it. You have 10 different stations, with 10 minutes total at each station. Two minutes to read the scenario and form your answer, then 8 minutes
  11. Hey there! I wanted to reply but not with stats. I feel like providing stats only makes people either feel more nervous about being competitive enough or upset that they haven't gotten an interview invite because they have similar numbers. Schools really try to look at applicants as a whole, a person's GPA and number of healthcare hours are only part of the bigger picture. If you have already applied places and feel like you would like to go to school at UNE then I recommend applying. It is still very early in the interview cycle so try not to stress about not having heard anything yet (easier
  12. After many weeks of trying to patiently wait, I too got my interview invite! Congrats to everyone who did as well! I can't wait to meet you all in person!
  13. Can't wait to meet you all! I will be coming all the way from the west coast Portland :)
  14. I received an invitation today as well! See you September 10th!
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