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  1. I don't mean to impede on the joy of those accepted to this program but has anyone else been getting multiple rejection emails and follow ups on the rejection emails? Thankfully I have been accepted to another program so I just delete the emails but I feel terrible for those (if there are others who are getting multiple emails) who are trying to focus on reapplying and have to continue to read that they were not selected for the program! I have seriously considered emailing back with my concerns, hopefully it is just me!
  2. Has anyone else had trouble logging into the site to confirm? It won't let me log it! I emailed Amy but its driving me crazy!
  3. I know that the letters haven't been sent yet but I agree with the Facebook page! We have all given our intent to attend so that counts right :)
  4. When I applied last year I still had 3 outstanding prereqs and I did get an interview but was not offered a seat. This year I had no outstanding prereqs. While I do have PC hours I do not have many ~300. I think they heavily weigh the science GPA not your overall GPA.
  5. My GPA is a 3.5 science GPA is 3.75. They said in my interview that they heavily weight the science GPA. Hang in there! This was my second time applying.
  6. Received an email a couple days ago saying I was not selected for an interview. Luckily I have been accepted to Dayton already! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear!
  7. I've received emails from The University of Toledo (that was the sender) in my inbox.
  8. Accepted! Received an email this morning!
  9. I too applied in September and no notice yet. However, last year I did receive a rejection letter in March via email after their interviews were complete. A few friends received rejection letters before the end of the year that applied around the same time so it just depends. Fingers still crossed!
  10. Interviews begin tomorrow! Will anyone else be there?
  11. I called today and they are interviewing through February they have yet to fill the class.
  12. I know when I applied last year they interviewed until February or March.
  13. I submitted my application Sept. 1st and still haven't heard anything? Anyone heard anything lately?
  14. Received notification in the mail today that I was not accepted to this program. Good luck to everyone!
  15. Received notification in the mail on Saturday that I was wait listed.
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