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  1. If anyone knows of any General Practice (Family, Internal med) or Hospitalist jobs in SE MI, Ann Arbor areas please let me know. I have already pursued all the typical online resources. I am incredibly confused and disappointed that there seem to be zero Family Medicine jobs available. What ever happened to the provider shortage and need we all have heard and read about?
  2. Should you place your NPI #, DEA # etc on a CV? Thanks.
  3. I am starting my PA program this August. I started my career with an advertising degree working for Hunter Douglas (window coverings). After becoming quickly disillusioned with the advertising industry I moved on to a job with Edy's Ice Cream/Haagen Dazs/Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream as a sales rep - ironically I am lactose intolerant. After becoming tired of going in and out of -20 degree walk-in freezers on 90 degree days I took a job with the American Diabetes Assoc. doing education and programming and finally I have been a Certified Pedorthist for the last 10 years (I know, you have nev
  4. I was unofficially told that classes will start August 24th. I am foggy about the schedule but for the 2 year program it looks like scheduled class is 1/2 days Mon, Wed. Full days Tues, Thurs and Fridays off, plus various online courses. We shall find out July 15th... If you have any specific questions before then, don't hesitate to call Rahima. She is super nice and will answer anything she can.
  5. I also spoke to them and the woman I spoke to said they review all financial aid applications in the order they arrived. Since we are literally about the last ones they will be receiving, she told me the end of June, I guess July would also be about right. Also, as I am looking into paying for school, I do not see the benefit of using financial aid from the Feds. Private loan rates are better with no initiation fees, payback times are the same or longer and they do have limited forgiveness options. Do you know any reasons to even take federal aid over private?
  6. I was accepted into the class of 2017, 2 year program. I only applied to U of D and was accepted my first time. PM me. I am happy to give any advice or help I can.
  7. I received mine as well. 2 year as requested.
  8. Not sure if anyone can respond to this, but I was hoping for a little more information on the schedule for the 2 year program. Do I understand correctly you have Fridays off? How many times per month are there "extra" requirements like some sort of clinic visit, etc.? Are the 2nd and 3rd semester schedules comparable to the 1st? Would you say that the required in class time is like having a 9-5 job (obviously disregarding the second full time job of studying)?
  9. My vote is for Ferndale. Close, lots of housing options, great food and nightlife.... not like you will have time for that.
  10. Acceptance calls are going out today. Good Luck everyone!
  11. Not yet... Is that a good thing or bad thing???
  12. My interview was about 20-25 but felt longer.
  13. also, does anyone know how many interviews they completed and for how many spots?
  14. I was informally told that the 23rd was the last day. Acceptances or rejections will be completed by April 15th. I was also wondering how long everyone's interview was?
  15. Does anyone have an idea of how many more calls went out or if there are any more interview dates besides the 18th and 23rd? Does anyone have friends who applied not on this forum or current students in the program that can comment?
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