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  1. Thank you all so much for your contribution to this topic. I appreciate your time and input in this. I am yet to get any HCE. I plan on taking a CNA course this winter and like RealWayPA said, "work my way up from there." Both options are expensive and with time and experience, I will be able to better determine which ROI better suits me. If I do go the BSN route, I would go on to become an APRN and if I go the PA route, well, it ends there.
  2. I am a third year student in University and I'm majoring in Health Sciences in the East Coast. I know I want to be in the medical field but I am torn between getting a post-bacc in Nursing or going straight to PA School. I want to achieve my highest potential but I don't know if starting with a BSN and working my way up would be more or less beneficial than going to grad school to become a PA. Any Suggestions? Please be informative and considerate.
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