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  1. For sale for $50: Kaplan PANCE question bank which expires April 7, 2018.
  2. Sorry to jump in on this thread, but also looking for a Rosh Review for sale if there is a second person selling theirs!
  3. I think it is only as intimidating as your nerves make it - if you take a deep breath before you walk in and just remind yourself of why you want to do this whole thing, then you are okay. Just be honest, passionate and straightforward. If you get nervous about questions/interview, practice with people and with friends. That is what I did. Especially in front of a mirror to see whether I had any bad habits.
  4. They give you a breakfast and for lunch, they give you about 1.5 hours to go get lunch. The interviewing location is right next to a mall as well as plenty of fast food places, so you won't have to go far to go to eat. There is also a cafe (small) that has a microwave if you want to warm up food.
  5. It is actually pretty manageable, over the summer you start off with 2 classes and then it tapers out according to the class load. It will pick up again as the only formal classes during rotations. The professors are very responsive since they know we aren't on campus - so if there are ever issues/questions, they get back to you immediately. The main campus, AACC always allots time during the week that can be used for completing online work as well. For example, over the summer we usually got a day off of the week meant to be for the online classes. As for the content, it expands outside of th
  6. Hi! I'm a current student within the AACC program - if you have any general questions about the program, I don't mind answering! Good luck- just hang in there, things are chaotic at the program right now so that's probably why you're not hearing immediately back from them. The interview date has definitely been set in November, just like it was last year and then they were really good at getting back to us in the same month. Remember to always demonstrate your passion in pursuing a career as a PA as well as your personality (aka the overused adage "be yourself"), they already have your GPA/
  7. Being out of state, I am not too familiar with the area. Does anyone have suggestions on cities/neighborhoods that would be ideal for commuting to the Hanover campus?
  8. I'm starting to think the same, that they would email out the letters before Thanksgiving. I haven't received anything -- guess we won't know whether to celebrate by stuffing our faces or use it as comfort food!
  9. So, for sure they will have a group and individual interview, but not sure on the anatomy/written portion? Do the interviews last all day, or we do spend some parts of the day touring and meeting with faculty/alumni? Also, does anyone have any tips for interview prep? I have been reading questions online but am not sure whether anyone found AACC specific questions. Thanks in advance!
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