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  1. Thanks for the input. I've seen other providers write themselves zofran before going away traveling but it's not something i am comfortable with, especially as a new grad.
  2. My good friend from childhood asked me if I would write a script for Zofran before he goes away on a trip where he expects to be drinking a lot of alcohol and likely winding up nauseous. I respectfully declined his request. Although it's not a schedule I or II, I still felt funny about writing it given that it's not a medical necessity and can have potential harmful effects. Also, I would be ignoring the situation of this particular friend maybe needing to cut back on their drinking which is not something I would do for my patients. Has anyone had any similar experiences? I do hav
  3. What is different about our training that allows us to "hit the ground running"? I'm a first year PA student but I've always been under the impression that PA students and medical students had the same roles during their clinical years.
  4. Hi all, I'm a PA student in the first year of my program and I'm having some concerns about my performance as it pertains to careless mistakes. I'm not having trouble grasping the material and I am doing very well on tests (I'm in the top 1/4th of my class grade wise, not that that is a predictor of how I'm going to be as a clinician). Anyway, I find myself making too many careless mistakes and being forgetful on certain assignments. I've been very hard on myself for as long as I can remember so maybe I am exaggerating all of this in my head, but my fear is that I am going to continue to b
  5. Oh stop. Asking actual people is a good way to learn about this. At least post a link to an article that directly addresses the question if you're going to tell them to read. Also, it's easy to get that impression. When I worked on a hospital floor before PA schools I often didn't know who was a PT and who was a PT assistant.
  6. Thanks everyone for weighing in. I'm beginning to better understand the pressure of such a role. Best thing to do is definitely to kill the didactic year and best prepare for clinicals!
  7. ^How did she adjust going right into cardiology? Did her program allow her to participate in cardio rotations? I imagine it's a tough specialty to acclimate to
  8. That sounds awesome. I've heard of a lot of programs adopting the TBL approach.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a first year student but I wanted to share some concerns I have with my program and clinical placements. My program hired a new clinical coordinator who, so far, seems significantly less capable than the previous person in that position. I am not in my clinical year yet, however many second year students have expressed frustration of being placed at locations that are over an hour from school (which they did say was a possibility before enrolling), but also the tardiness of being placed; one student found out her location for her July rotation on July 3rd. It may be a sepa
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience! It's definitely nice to hear success stories from those who have been through it.
  11. I'm in a 2 year masters program. I certainly anticipated a lot of independent learning, but what surprised me was hearing the second year students saying that lecture was "basically a joke". During the interviews/information sessions they mentioned the amount of time spent using other resources but I was/still am looking forward to specialists coming in for various parts of clin med
  12. Hi guys, I'm about a month into my program and so far we're just covering the basic sciences before starting clinical medicine in the Fall. A couple of second year students were describing their didactic year and were saying they learned the majority of the material independently and that lecture was more a time to figure out what you had to learn on your own. Have other students had similar experiences? I was a little surprised to hear this
  13. Hi All, I'm working as a nurse aide in a hospital and considering PA school. I have shadowed a couple of PA's but am left with a couple questions regarding their roles that I was hoping I could get some help with. 1. On my daily patient list, I see the different types of diagnoses (admitting/working/primary/discharge), my question is do PA's make updates to those diagnoses independent of the attending physician assigned to those patients? For example let's say a patient is admitted from the ED with an admitting diagnosis of X, once on their assigned floor, a PA orders test A and determ
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