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  1. ^^^ What a GREAT post. I agree with you 100%. I killed myself in the early years working extra every time they would call to help out. I finally learned my lesson when, after years of saying yes....I said no. You would of thought I jumped up on the table and started dancing naked. They looked at me like, "How could you say no!? Your not a team player".....after years of saying yes, I was suddenly not a "team player". Honestly, it infuriated me. To the point where I feel now exactly the way you wrote that post.
  2. Sadly no, Texas. Wish I was back on the West coast though. You know how it is, once your kids get plugged into a community it's very hard to move them....Thanks for asking though
  3. And 100% why I only do locum gigs now. If I don't want to work....I don't work. If I want to work 30 days straight...I work it. It's 100% all up to me. Plus I write a lot of crap off :) Yes they can just not give you shifts, but that has more to do with you/me being a good no drama provider vs how many times I say yes or no to a last minute call to work.
  4. 800 hours.......and they can't give you one day. Jesh... Force the issue and your not a "team player". This is everything that's wrong with the work mentality in this country. Many jobs just stopped giving PTO, and many others give it, but won't let you take it.
  5. Anyone see the "Blood Boy" episode on HBO's Silicon Valley? LOL
  6. Or thousands..... and for the record I hate Clonidine. I'm with the above posters, didn't we get rid of that crap 20 years ago in the ED? I recently played a hand in getting it removed from the UC I work in. UC has NO business using that stuff...
  7. Easy. Providers who won't go to the bathroom without a positive "Go to the bathroom" test. I've seen more false negative flu and strep tests then I care to remember. People left untreated and MUCH worse off then they would of been had treatment been started. With both conditions treatment initiation being time sensitive, it drives me nuts when providers can't make an independent decision without the help of a rapid test. I had a very smart doc tell me many years ago: "Tests sometimes lie. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and you feel in your gut it's a duck? Shoot it!
  8. I value Vantana's opinion, but in this case I disagree. No one is going to sue you for quitting a job. Worst case scenario you will get a crappy referral from them, which to me is something to think hard about. Virtually every job I apply for requires a crapton of references, so it's no small thing. Having said that, I would try to stick out the full 90 days and consider it a lesson learned. If you can't I also understand that. I walked out on a part time job last year for the first time in my 25 years, and I did not give notice. The supervising doc that was assigned to me was straight
  9. Welcome to degree creep front and center. Disappointing and disheartening....
  10. Most UC's I work at: a.) Have no narcotics onsite, only Toradol. b.) Have strict practice guidelines forbidding giving any oral narcotics for back pain, period. This is what 75% of corporate UC's I have worked at do. That is why you see the ER dumps. I'm not saying it's right, but it's a fact.
  11. I generally refer to us as "Trunk Monkeys". We do the dirty work.... :)
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