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  1. Does anyone know if they give any updates to alternates? Or perhaps not since alternates are not ranked.
  2. Finally good news! Congratulations Mobadia and thank you for the update. I am really excited to hear that some alternates are starting to be called.
  3. I'm also an alternate. I'm not sure if they have finalized all the acceptances yet. Hopefully they will have a few spots open up before too long.
  4. Congratulations Bnava! Did they say how many people are on alternate list?
  5. Same here! Sorry Mobadia I did not think to ask her. I have a friend that has been accepted and she told me she believed that about 20 offers have been given.
  6. For everyone as excited/anxious as I am, I called today and was told that the admissions committee was still making decisions. She also said hopefully everyone would be informed by the end of the month. (:
  7. Wow congrats everyone! Its good to hear they are making these long awaited calls. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they still have a few more to make before January.
  8. I agree- trying to stay hopeful and be patient. I fell in love with the school and city when I interviewed last month and am anxiously awaiting news.
  9. Has anyone heard back for November interview dates? I have not interviewed here and am hoping it is not too late to recieve an invitation.
  10. Has anyone received the follow up email with additional information about the interview on October 3rd?
  11. Does anyone know where a list of the interview dates for this cycle can be found?
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