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  1. @paadmissions Where would I be looked at in regards to academic performance if my undergrad GPA is 3.1 and science undergrad is 2.8 but then having a doctorate in chiropractic with an overall GPA of 3.2 with all upper level harder courses? Would my doctorate classes help my case of my low undergrad scores? Also where does 2 years of being a chiropractor look in regards to HCE?
  2. I just got my things in just before the deadline. I hope there will be some spaces left for us later people. I guess I will wait and see.
  3. How did interviews go for you all? I just got everything in, so will be waiting for the next wave of interviews.
  4. congrats all! I just got mine sent in, so will be waiting for the next round.
  5. I just got an email that my application was received, we'll see if I get an interview. :)
  6. I actually had classes in both those so I just put them both in, but I would just put dashes in the one you don't need to put information in. You need to problem solve, you will be doing this as a PA. :P
  7. OK so it seems like there has been 20 who have put down deposits, and another 20 might have been given out to these who just interviewed on monday. So that leaves 6 plus any who decline the spot.
  8. I wonder how many spots are filled to know how many more are left. Seems like the new program is popular already! :)
  9. Looks like they didn't work the weekend. I got mine verified this morning.
  10. I don't think they work on saturdays, so that would be my only hope.
  11. Well one of the schools needed to be verified by today. I was so close! We will see what happens.
  12. It's at 10/24/14. Just one day short to get mine in! AHHH
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