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  1. What was their answer as to why the scores decreased?
  2. I was one of the current students that was there that day! If you guys have any questions about our programs or anything at all just message me on here, I'd be happy to answer them!
  3. Send me a message on Facebook and I'll add you to the group!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/978816825479072/members/
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/978816825479072/members/ this link should work!
  6. They only told us of those two dates, and its on their website I think
  7. I got a call from a PA faculty member and asked if I was still interested in an interview and he said it was because they have 3 open spots now. He also said he would let me know by Wednesday whether or not I did or did not get an interview but that was almost two weeks ago..
  8. I interviewed on October 30 and received a call the next day! But she also mentioned that they use a lot of their wait list as well, so I wouldn't give up hope just yet!
  9. I'm not bringing any guests because I will be traveling from a few states away! Has anyone been accepted yet?
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