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  1. I felt so dejected after my interview and since my letter hadn't arrived, but I just got it today. I'M IN!! Completely unexpected and such a relief :)
  2. I applied to Duke last year and received a rejection letter in, I believe, December. My review email was late September and it seems like they've already started in on October reviews. This leads me to believe I won't be invited for an interview but won't be officially rejected until December.
  3. Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks from my interview. I'm expecting to receive my letter today or tomorrow. I'm expecting a no, but I would like to know for sure and get some closure at least!
  4. Everyone got the same email. Basically it means they received so many applications, they missed the deadline they promised so now they're promising a new deadline all the way in December hahah. Good luck everyone!
  5. Wow, congratulations! Thank you so much; that was comforting and reassuring. You're right, I may have doubted their methods too much. Arcadia's results are phenomenal so they clearly have a knack for creating a stellar class. If I don't get in, I wasn't a fit for this program and that's okay because there's a program out there for everyone. I won't let nerves get the best of me! It's not over until I get the letter. Thank you again, I really appreciate it.
  6. I don't think anyone in my group got called back for a second interview. I could be mistaken, though, because we had such a large group.
  7. I was very surprised by my interview with Arcadia. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and the staff so I thought the interview would go well, as it has for every other program I have liked. It was the shortest interview I could have imagined. I was asked 4 questions in total, none of which were related and none of which seemed to really explore me as a person. I feel like I had zero opportunity to sell myself. I would be shocked if this program accepted me because I do not see how they can know a single thing about my personality or my desire to be a part of Arcadia. It's disappointing because I thoroughly enjoyed the program and the lecture, but I do not think they were as invested in finding out if I'm a fit. I'm afraid their decision about me was already made before I walked into the room! :( I don't mean to scare anyone because I know that not everyone at my interview felt this way. Please do not be intimidated. Everyone's experience is going to be different; mine may have been the exception. With that being said, I greatly enjoyed my day there and would love to be a part of Arcadia if given the opportunity! Good luck everyone.
  8. I have an interview next week on the 21st. This may be a silly question but I was wondering about the dual PA/MPH degree. I know that I would need to be accepted to both programs. Is it too late to apply to the public health program? If it is not too late, how do I go about applying? I can't seem to find enough info on their website. Thanks!
  9. I might be thinking of a different program, but I think they want you to bring print outs of your GRE scores.
  10. I'm still not sure what everyone is waiting for since it was known before applying that this school does not have rolling admissions and the deadline is Oct 1. I doubt we are going to receive emails saying our application is under review because they will not start reviewing them until after the Oct 1 deadline. They certainly won't send out interview invites until after that date. Their website states that interviews start in Dec, but most are Jan-Feb. I personally won't start checking my email for it until November!
  11. I took it as explanation of the experience. I typed out what I did/observed, etc. I think I also included length and days of experience if it was sporadic. Don't feel dumb; I got confused about parts on the supp app as well :)
  12. I'm assuming they have a lot more applicants this year bc it appears that last year's candidates were interviewing and being accepted by this time.
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