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  1. Hello all! I figured I'd fire up a thread for Utah students attending the St. George campus this coming spring (2018). Congrats to all- I'm super excited to meet everyone! Feel free to drop a line and introduce yourself. A little on me- I work full-time in residential treatment and part-time as an Orderly in surgery. I also play music and love the southern Utah landscape. I currently live in SLC but can't wait to be a part of the St. George class. Also I welcome any recommendations or leads on living situations since I'll be moving in late April/early May... any ideal areas to live? Friends or relatives with rooms to rent? Again, congrats to everyone!
  2. Hey hey! Fellow St. George student here! We'll all have to coordinate... I'm guessing they'll put together a Facebook group once they have the roster finalized? I put down my deposit already. Are you currently living in SLC or from St. George?
  3. I'm a soon-to-be applicant, applying this coming Spring/Summer (2015). I'm finishing pre-reqs at the University of Utah, where the PA program has put on some great informational sessions. The PAs and PA students have been gracious with their time and knowledge- at the last event I attended we actually got to do mock interviews with current students. I'm throwing a few of those questions up here; some you may have seen before, others perhaps not. At any rate hopefully they help- cheers and good luck to everyone! "Why do you want to be a PA instead of a [med student/pharmacist/nurse practitioner]?" "Describe a time when you had to improvise." "At what point do you refer your patient to a specialist?" "Tell me why [person to your left] would make a good PA? What qualities do they possess that we'd like to see in healthcare?"
  4. Wow, honestly the 'you catch your co-worker stealing drugs' question wouldn't have been one of the first I'd anticipate on an interview- thanks for offering your take on this. Seems like a tough question, tough topic. Would welcome any feedback you have on any other tough questions you've encountered or anticipate... thanks Mable!
  5. Question for @paadmissions, recognizing you're swamped with questions- I work at a residential treatment center for teens- we deal primarily with trauma, addiction recovery, and adoption issues. This is more of a mental health focus. Does mental health categorization of HCE carry more or less weight depending on program or desired area of focus? I continue to make myself more well-rounded with EMT hours, but the bulk of my HCE (about 5000 hours as of now) will come from the mental health/therapeutic field. Welcome feedback. Thank you!
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