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  1. Has anyone here had an interview with UNTHSC and not been accepted? I know they call you within two weeks if you have been accepted. Does admissions call you still if you didnt?
  2. I believe they are making one for early January.
  3. Please. Somebody give me somethinnnnn :D Just a sentence or two
  4. Thanks for the post! I live in the DFW area and I love it here. However, I believe you can find negatives anywhere you live... No income tax is great too. I am wondering, because you lived in the DFW area, what are some negative aspects of being a PA here? Thanks!! Sean
  5. I am a Pre-PA student living in Dallas Texas looking for some current issues facing PAs in Texas. Can anybody able to offer any insight? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am a Canadian living in the United States on an athletic work visa. This basically means the only job I can have is to play that sport; other than that, I can only volunteer. I have always wanted to work in the medical field, but sports has kept that as a 'plan B'. After a lot of research I decided that I want to work towards getting into PA school while still working for my team. The major problem I am having is that I cannot get proper hands-on healthcare experience because I am not yet a permanent resident. I understand for many schools this hands on experience is mandatory (80-2000 hours). I am currently volunteering several times a week at a hospital as a patient courier, I am a volunteer at a hospice, I am a volunteer at the Red Cross, I shadow a PA weekly, and I volunteer at many 'walk for the cure' events. However, I am worried that this volunteering is not QUALITY healthcare experience. Can anyone offer any ideas for me ? A volunteer opportunity that will provide great HCE that will also fulfill these requirements? At the moment this is what I have been thinking about doing .. -becoming an EMT and get HCE through the Red Cross -finding an opportunity to go oversees to provide care in less fortunate counties (any ideas on quality organizations to get in touch with?) PLEASE HELP THanks!!!!!!
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