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  1. Hi everyone, I am scheduled to take my PANCE in one month. How much focus should be placed on imaging/ reading ECGs versus just knowing concepts? I'd appreciate it if people who have taken the exam can chime in with real examples. Our program had us do the PACKRAT, but I feel like it did not have hardly any imaging (CXRs, Otoscope/Opthalmoscope views, rash pictures, ultrasounds, echos)/actual strips of ECGs). Any insight is helpful! Thanks!
  2. On the 12th I got an email saying I am on the alternate list. :/ I emailed back to see if they would tell me what position/how many people are on the alternate list. They said that they couldn't tell me position, but that there are a total of 14 alternates. Was anyone accepted that is not attending? Email also said that final class will be compiled by Dec 1st.
  3. Hi! I got an email to go interview last week and the interview is scheduled exactly 1 week later. They say you have 48 hours to reply to email. I won't copy and paste the entire email, but it did say that "interviews will be scheduled in 20 minute increments and will include members of the Admissions Committee". I'm not sure if they mean that you will interview for 20 minutes with each interviewer or if your entire interview will last 20 minutes then they will move onto the next person. Does anyone have any clarification on this?
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