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  1. Am2014 is spot on about our program being about just trying to get to know you. It definitely is a different type of interview in my opinion and way more relaxed than others. The good thing is that you also get the opportunity to talk to a few of us current students during your interview schedule and so any questions you might have just feel free to ask and we will answer them as best we can. Good luck on Dec. 3rd I am sure we shall so you then :)
  2. From what I remember hearing quite a few people chose to drive (I was one of those few). Others flew into Midland or Lubbock and drove into town the next morning, but it is up to you to decide what you feel is best. Good luck on the interview I did hear they are changing the formatting a bit this year :)
  3. You all should be getting notified about interviews around September with interviews beginning the second week of November.
  4. No there have been any dropouts in the class ahead of me. We have actually developed a great relationship with the previous class and if there have been any students that have left it was due to a personal reason that impeded them from continuing within the program.
  5. My stats: I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology (3.5 GPA overall and 3.7 GPA in science). My GRE was 306 with a 4 out 5 on the written. I had been working as a Medical Scribe for approximately 2 years (many hours of HCE) at the time of my interview.
  6. Hello everyone! I am part of the current class (2017) for the Texas Tech PA program. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try to check back whenever I have time. So right now we are currently in our finals week for the summer session and to quickly answer PAtoB's question... we are all very much still here and there has not been anyone dropped or booted from the program. Samann if I remember correctly I received my interview email around mid-September and I was part of first round of interview's which started on November 13th
  7. No that is not true. I am part of the current class and all 55 of us are still in the program and currently in finals week for the summer session.
  8. Quite a bit of us were notified within 24hrs. So I am sure that if you impress them you should be able to find out very soon thereafter.
  9. I stayed at the Travelodge for $80 and it was fine for the night. It was only ten minutes away from the campus so I had no issues.
  10. Good luck... the interview process is very laid-back and definitely not meant to be intimidating in the slightest! Relax and you should do well
  11. Hi Liz my name is Joshua and I have an interview on the 13th of Nov. I was wanting to know what do you enjoy most about the program at Texas Tech and what are some things that you would possibly change? Thank you for taking the time to answer any other questions we may have.
  12. They will email you in a couple of days saying they have received your Interview Request Date and instruct you on any further action.
  13. I received an interview as well. Looking forward to it!
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